RESULTS: Stardom 5* Grand Prix at Korakuen Hall, Updated Standings

Originally published at RESULTS: Stardom 5* Grand Prix at Korakuen Hall, Updated Standings

Stardom’s 5* Grand Prix is entering its final week and held a card Monday from Korakuen Hall featuring six tournament matches.

The crowd was listed at 632 as the Grand Prix winds down and concludes on Saturday with a show at Ota Ward City Gymnasium.

After Monday’s event, the Red Stars block is led by Starlight Kid with 11 points followed by Momo Watanabe with 10 and Mayu Iwatani & Natsupoi with 9. The Blue Stars are led by Syuri & Saya Kamitani with 11 points each, and Konami & Takumi Iroha are tied with 10 while World of Stardom Champion Utami Hayashishita has 8 points but has two matches remaining. Those are your key players heading into the final week.

Prior to Saturday’s final show, there will be three tournament matches this Thursday with Koguma vs. Mina Shirakawa and Saki Kashima vs. Himeka in the Red Stars block, and Utami Hayashishita vs. Ruaka in the Blue Stars block. Hayashishita will face Tam Nakano on the final night and therefore, has four points available with wins on each night.

Here are the results from Monday’s card (Credit:
*Himeka was awarded two points due to forfeit because Giulia was removed from the Grand Prix
*Non-tournament: Himeka over Hanan
*Non-tournament: Lady C over Waka Tsukiyama (the first win of Lady C’s career)
*Non-tournament: Saya Kamitani over Mai Sakurai
*Red Stars: Fukigen Death over Koguma
*Blue Stars: AZM over Konami
*Blue Stars: Syuri over Ruaka
*Red Stars: Starlight Kid over Momo Watanabe
*Blue Stars: Utami Hayashishita and Takumi Iroha went to a 20-minute draw
*Red Stars: Saki Kashima over Maya Iwatani

Below are the updated standings:

Red Stars: Starlight Kid (11 points), Momo Watanabe (10), Mayu Iwatani (9), Natsupoi (9), Himeka (8), Fukigen Death (8), Koguma (7), Giulia (6), Mina Shirakawa (4), Saki Kashima (4)

Blue Stars: Saya Kamitani (11 points), Syuri (11), Takumi Iroha (10), Konami (10), Tam Nakano (8), Utami Hayashishita (8), Maika (7), Unagi Sayaki (7), AZM (6), and Ruaka (0)