RESULTS: WALTER retains the UK championship over Tyler Bate

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Saturday’s NXT UK TakeOver card from Cardiff, Wales was headlined by a sensational main event between WALTER and Tyler Bate for the UK championship at the Motorpoint Arena.

The 40+ minute main event saw a raucous crowd cheer on the babyface Bate while in peril, sing throughout his comebacks and ultimately watch Bate come short to the reigning champion.

The match had an enormous “big fight feel” as soon as the two men entered and the atmosphere held up for the entire main event presentation.

The major spot occurred on the floor when WALTER powerbombed Bate into the post and proceeded to attack his back for the heat. Bate would display signs of life and build to several spots where he built up to body-slamming and lifting WALTER to the awe of the crowd.

Bate’s hit the champion with a Code Red, Burning Hammer, and a Tyler Driver ’97 that he survived.

Following a long sleeper hold, WALTER hit a pair of suplexes and a powerbomb leading to Bate kicking out at one and falling to WALTER’s lariat.

Imperium posed together on the ramp before departing and British Strong Styles remained in the ring, including the defeated Bate.

The main event was outstanding with both individuals working fantastic in their roles and it was also one of the best match calls of the year with Vic Joseph and Nigel McGuinness on commentary.

Richard Benson will have a complete report on the show on Sunday here at POST Wrestling and the British Wrestling Experience will be reviewing the card and Royal Quest on a special edition of the show tomorrow.

Here are the full results from NXT UK TakeOver:
*Noam Dar over Travis Banks
*Cesaro over Ilja Dragunov
*Mark Andrews & Flash Morgan Webster over Zack Gibson & James Drake (c) and Wolfgang & Mark Coffey to win the NXT UK tag titles
*Joe Coffey over Dave Mastiff in a Last Man Standing match
*Kay Lee Ray over Toni Storm to win the NXT UK women’s title
*WALTER over Tyler Bate to retain the UK championship

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I was there live and it was absolutely incredible. The crowd were amazing throughout

I chose to watch this in the afternoon (waiting for Royal Quest to hit New Japan World). I thought the main event was incredible, and ultimately thr best match I’ve seen today. Cesaro vs. Dragunov and the Triple Threat for the tag titles were also big highlights for me.