Rev Pro Live at the Cockpit 27 Results

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The Cockpit Theatre, London
Attendance: 220 sellout
The Legion of Lords (Rishi Ghosh and Los Federales Santos Jr) defeated Never Say Die (Alex Cupid and Dillon D'Angelo)
Adam Brooks defeated Dan Magee (a late replacement for the injured Flash Morgan Webster)
Zack Gibson and Josh Bodom defeated Team White Wolf ( A-Kid and Adam Chase)
British Cruiserweight Championship
Kurtis Chapman retained against No Fun Dunne
CCK ( Travis Banks and Chris Brookes) defeated Aussie Open ( Kyle Fletcher and Mark Davis)
David Starr defeated Jody Fleisch
El Phantasmo defeated Zack Sabre Jr
A real surprise result that led ZSJ to offer Phantasmo a 'now or never' British Heavyweight title match that Phantasmo accepted.
British Heavyweight Championship
Zack Sabre Jr retained against El Phantasmo

How are people receiving ELP? He’s originally from Vancouver, and it’s insane to see how well he’s been doing less than a year from leaving the black hole that is the Pacific Northwest and moving full time to England.

El Phantasmo is a guy who’s been wrestling since 2005 (2006? idk) so I’m not surprised he’s doing okay. While I’ll admit my home territory is a bit of a black hole, El Phantasmo has always been a guy who’s been the big fish in a small pond and was our territory’s go-to-guy for wrestling imported talent like Jeff Cobb, Kyle O’Reilly (another Vancouver guy), and a handful of others. I feel like there should be no surprise from anyone that he’s doing well.

I guess though, my only criticism of him is that an El Phantasmo match from 2011 and one from 2016 look almost the same, he goes to a lot of the same spots and does the same kind of schtick, even though he’s dropped a lot of the comedy elements he originally got over with. I haven’t seen his English stuff yet but I think he is a guy who absolutely needs (maybe needed, I don’t know) things that are uniquely his own that are new, or I think his staying power might not be so great, especially in such a hot part of the world for wrestling.

He’s now wrestled Bate, Dunn and has a victory over ZSJ, in under 6 months of being over there. That’s absolutely huge. I assume he didn’t leave here without having some contacts and a plan, but man is that a quick rise to prominence.

I’ve watched some of his most recent matches(Dunn and he surprised everyone at Ballroom Brawl 9 this Jan) and he’s still a little goofy, but not nearly as spot heavy as he once was. And the spots he does now are more ‘walking 2/3rds around the ring’ and less his nipple play spot that while entertaining, can become tedious. I feel like Scurll went through the same issue last year, where to me and a few friends, he really showed in the jr heavyweight tourney how much he relied on a few fun spots. He’s spent the rest of the year working on it, and I think he’s a much better wrestler today because of it. :slight_smile: