Revolution Pro Uprising Results - British title match added to Wrestle Kingdom

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Event: Revolution Pro Uprising 2018

Venue: York Hall in London

Submitted by: Steve Harris

*Taichi defeated Chris Brookes – El Desperado interfered Will Ospreay tried to even it up, but struck Brookes with the mic stand, allowing Taichi to hit a low blow and get the win. Brookes beat Ospreay up after the match, and I can’t really blame him.
*The Great O’Kharn over mystery opponent Shane Taylor
*Josh Bodom over Chris Ridgeway
*El Phantasmo over El Desperado
*Satoshi Kojima over WALTER
*MK McKinnan over Speedball Mike Bailey
*Minoru Suzuki & Zack Sabre Jr. over Kyle Fletcher & Mark Davis to retain the British tag titles
*Tomohiro Ishii over David Starr to retain the British heavyweight title - After the main event Suzuki Gun beat down Ishii, and Zack Sabre Jr announced he would receive his rematch for the British Heavyweight title on January 4th at the Tokyo Dome

Im psyched for ZSJ match at Wrestle Kingdom!

That should be a fantastic match.