Rewind-A-Dynamite 1/8/20: "Poppin' Bottles" w/ upNXT

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Braden Herrington & Davie Portman fill in for John & Wai once more as they review the January 8th edition of AEW Dynamite featuring Kenny Omega & Hangman vs. Private Party, Cody & Dustin vs. Lucha Bros, Statlander vs. Riho for the Women’s title, Jon Moxley gives his answer to Jericho, plus they take your feedback and more!

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The point about AEW looking “cheap” when they do angles like this… honestly I think AEW looks cheap in general. Really good matches allow me to overlook that fact. I was thinking about this, and part of the reason why certain wrestlers don’t feel like a huge deal is because of the camera angles they use. Kenny for instance. In NJPW, they shoot with the cameras pointing up, the shots are also more static. I’m not super knowledgeable about camera work, but NJPW is able to achieve a presentation that feels more immersive with what’s going on in the ring. AEW feels like a higher budget PWG meets a ow budget Raw…if I was to sum it up in one word, it’d be “sloppy.”

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