Rewind-A-Dynamite 11/25/20: Mox attacks Omega, Taz chokes Cody, Shida vs. Jay

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Wai Ting and Bruce Lord review AEW Dynamite as Jon Moxley attempts to find the men responsible for his attack, Cody upsets Taz by mentioning a personal connection, and Hikaru Shida defends her title against Anna Jay.

Andrew Thompson delivers the NEWS OF THE DAY:

  • Bob Ryder, IMPACT co-founder and Internet wrestling pioneer, passes away
  • G4 signs Xavier Woods
  • Jazz returns for IMPACT Knockouts Tag Title tournament
  • NWA’s ‘Shockwave’ show to premiere on 12/1

On tonight’s Dynamite, Jon Moxley and Kenny Omega attempt a second contract signing ahead of next week’s title bout, Taz delivers a message to Cody following an impressive performance from Powerhouse Hobbs, Hikaru Shida defends the Women’s Championship against Anna Jay, Hangman Page returns, and Death Triangle’s PAC and Fenix team up against Butcher & The Blade.

Your feedback, comments, and questions from the POST Wrestling Forum.

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You can cut a promo on Alberta next time. I was the one of the few people who weren’t anti-maskers, despite having Suncor Baseplant be a break out site at one point. The boneheads at Suncor themselves messed up because they didn’t tell the bus drivers they had to assign seats, and because of that, 40 people got sent into 14 day quarantine, no pay. You hear it all, masks are useless, they’re less healthy, it’s just the flu, where did the flu go, it’s just the media, they’re trying to just control you, etc. One guy who is in his late 40s was talking about how his mother didn’t want to go out and was afraid of the virus and I’m like, what’s the proper age for you to stop listening to your mother? Fucking, these people would rather kill grandpa then not have these lavish barbeques in their million dollar homes

I had the safety person, who I’ve known for over a decade as we did our apprenticeship together, post nonsense about how this isn’t even a pandemic and she talks about her expertise in safety, like, mother fucker, it takes 10 classes and knowing someone to become a safety person (I know, I was one), but I was nice about it. I mean, the basic definition of pandemic says this is a pandemic. I guess I got laid off at the perfect time for COVID-19 to peak out there.


Looks like it’s trickling down from the top in Alberta rn:

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It’s frustrating because, I honestly believe the majority of Albertans want as little restrictions as possible and are ok with people dying. In meetings when this would be brought up, and one thing about Albertans is they do have thick skin, so when people would argue that I would mocking go, well, gotta kill grandpa so we can have our barbeques, and I would say that in front of people. But they don’t think it’s that dangerous and I think a lot of it has to do with they don’t know anybody, so therefore they don’t care.

Another thing they bring up is Sweden, and I would talk about how Sweden is a completely different culture. I also used Japan and how they’re holding pro wrestling events in Japan, and tell them about how people go to the arenas and everyone is super quiet. I know one person scoffed at the idea that who it affects is cultural, and he’s like, oh, so it affects people differently if they live in different countries. And yeah, if it worked in Sweden (which I think they’re starting to get really bad now), it would be because the society is less individualistic. Japan seems to be the same way (not saying Japan is perfect as it has its own problems) and we can hear it every show for New Japan.

And I guess like, I don’t want to just make this about burying Alberta, as I was born in Fort McMurray, worked out there for 14 years and have everything I have now due to working out there. Fort McMurray itself, my god, the streets might as well be paved with gold in some spots, especially in the Thickwood and Timberlea area. My cousin has a million dollar house up in the Crestmont in Calgary. And I wonder if the prim and proper, pristine Million Dollar Man lifestyle is an issue where they have so much money, that they just assume reality will bend for their will. They’re mad they can’t have parties, they can’t travel around the world, they can’t go to the club and party. But I don’t know. I know my cousin isn’t like that, as with most of my family, but it’s usually the people I know from out west who are posting the bad anti mask facebook memes. They also work on construction sites, so maybe that skews my perspective at least.

Damnit Brandon from NJ got me all riled up. I’m also hoping that job in Kitimat, BC starts up soon and I can work there instead haha.


Another strong podcast, guys.

To fill in some holes:

  • It was always Kazarian & Scorpio as the AEW Tag Team Champions. Daniels was taken out by the Lucha Bros right before their first tournament match, so it stayed as the Kazarian/Scorpio team.

  • A clip of Adam Page with the Dark Order on the post-Full Gear Being the Elite was shown prior to his match with John Silver. It was kept on mute, as they were all chanting “Fuck Hangman!” in that clip.

  • Definitely the first mention (on AEW at least) of Taz’s son Hook and him training to wrestle.

  • The XBOX naming conventions are ridiculous. XBOX, XBOX 360, XBOX One, XBOX One S (all digital) & One X (half-step console to 4K and HDR), and now the XBOX Series S & Series X (these S models are all digital with no disc drive). I too am a Playstation guy… but I’m taking a shot with the Series S as I was lucky enough to get one on a whim (smallest and cheapest of the new consoles).

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Tyler Senerchia was also a short-lived college lacrosse player. One game at Bucknell in 2018 but then transferred to Sacred Heart but never played in 2019.

The team I work with played against both of those squads. I probably spent more time checking the stands than doing my job. But alas, there was no Human Suplex Machine to be found.


Cool! Thanks for the insight. I’m kind of bummed Hook isn’t his real name, but him having a work name already might indicate he’s serious about this.

Lmao I apologize to no one for my Alberta question


It was a good question haha and more promos need to be cut on Kenney. I had this job steward who said, any Union member not voting NDP needs to have their head examined and now all the union members who voted for the leopards eating faces party are upset their face was eaten by a leopard.