Rewind-A-Dynamite 12/9/20: Sting Speaks, SHAQ, AEW/IMPACT

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John Pollock and Wai Ting review AEW’s follow up to Winter is Coming with Sting’s first promo on Dynamite, SHAQ, a look at IMPACT with Kenny Omega, WWE’s Raw ratings, and more.


  • IMPACT Wrestling feat. Kenny Omega & Don Callis
  • WWE Raw ratings from Monday night
  • Bill Goldberg appears on The Bump, pushes for match with Roman Reigns
  • CM Punk appears on Renee Paquette’s podcast
  • Anthony Johnson heading to Bellator

On Dynamite: Sting speaks for the first time on Dynamite, SHAQ appears for a segment with Brandi Rhodes, an amazing tag match with The Young Bucks and TH2, MJF and Orange Cassidy square off for the Dynamite Diamond Ring, The Inner Circle holds their Ultimatum, and Kenny Omega & Don Callis cut a replay of Tuesday’s promo on IMPACT.

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Kind of surprised at how John totally missed the gestalt of the “paid advertisement” on last night’s Impact. I thought it would be immediately obvious that this insert was supposed to look like a 1980’s wrestling TV show clip.

Yes, the font choice was obviously intentional. Why do you think the line about “paid advertisement” was blinking? This is old school cable tv community channel advert quality.

I thought it hilarious from the moment that text line started to blink. And it was a pretty obvious rub at the history of Impact and it’s predecessor company (TNA.)

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I think we literally explained this - it didn’t make IMPACT look cheap, it made AEW look cheap, the opposite of the story they are conveying and the role Khan was playing.

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Good show as always! Hey John if you need to take an extra day out of the week to help out with the family stuff I think I speak for everyone here when I say go for it! Personally I enjoyed hearing from Bruce, Andrew, Nate, WH, and the rest of the Post Wrestling Universe during your hiatus and I don’t think anyone’s gonna complain if it’s Wai and a guest for, say, RASD every week for a few months or something.

Not my business, I know. But I can relate to the feeling of pressure to show up to work every day whether it’s financial pressure or just a feeling of responsibility to coworkers or the public you serve. So it’s important to mention that it’s ok if you can’t make it in every once in awhile.

Thank you Wai for summing up exactly what I think about the Bucks. I do not understand the logic behind most of their moves, thus it is hard for me to get into their matches.

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There is none. That’s the problem!

Omega and Callis are next level heels, love everything they are doing right now.

Really enjoyed the main event as well and am glad that MJF keeps the ring. It’ll make it a bigger deal when he fails to retain it in the future.

Opening tag was a lot of fun too, but the women’s stuff is still pretty painful.

Anyone know if SHAQ is getting paid to appear on AEW? The least he could do is promote he is appearing on the show on his Twitter page, he has 16 million followers. AEW is lucky there is no NBA airing currently because I could only imagine the jokes his work colleagues would make during an intermission about that segment.

Yes, you conveyed that in the podcast. It however was so at odds with my take that I thought it worth pointing out.

To me not only did the PAID ADVERTISEMENT not make AEW look “cheap”, the exact opposite was communicated. To me, Tony Khan came across as confident enough to do improv, and a hilarious one at that, making fun of the history of Impact and a great deal of wrestling (including Vince McMahon.)

You weren’t around in the 1970’s when cable TV became a thing, but the Tonys did a great job of combining nostalgia with campy humor. For those of us who lived through those times, this ad was a great callback to years gone by.

Maybe you don’t want campy humor in your wrestling, fair enough. But for me (and I suspect many people), wrestling is better with such humor than being overly serious all the time.

When was wrestling “overly serious”? Must’ve missed it. Someone should try and present a more sports based take on wrestling as it’s overly ridiculous now.