Rewind-A-Dynamite 3/18/20: “Social Enclosure”

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John Pollock and Wai Ting review AEW Dynamite from an empty Daily’s Place in Jacksonville, Florida highlighted by the debut of Matt Hardy.

AEW followed suit with WWE by pressing ahead with AEW Dynamite closed to the public. The show was headlined by the Inner Circle vs. The Elite for the numbers advantage in Blood and Guts, the reveal of The Exalted One, The Lucha Bros. take on Best Friends, a vague description of the “Next Dynamite” and more.


  • WrestleMania split up over two nights on April 4 and 5 from multiple locations
  • WWE’s statement regarding medical screenings at the Performance Center
  • New York makes it official that UFC 249 cannot take place in the state
  • Michael Bochicchio speaks to POST Wrestling about the WrestleCon cancellation
  • Raw rating on Monday night and how the Royal Rumble did
  • Dark Side of the Ring season two premiere next Tuesday covering Chris Benoit

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Photo Courtesy: AEW

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While I don’t agree with John and Wai’s sentiment about the existence of a show like Dynamite tonight, John’s increasing level of frustration made me laugh. The culmination of this being the announcement of the lumberjack match and the creation of today’s episode title. I had to pause because I was laughing so much.

I really disagree with this notion that because either of us is uneasy with the shows to just not speak about it. The point of our show is to have that discussion - pros and cons. There is way too much “I disagree with you, go away” instead of discussing the points at hand - and I’m not directing this at you but rather an overall message.


You were talking about the positives of this confinement situation in the world.

Well, because we are travelling much less, the pollution level has decreased, especially in China.

People can say what they want about them going on with these shows, but that AEW show gave more positivity to this forum, than I have seen in weeks. That was the most fun I’ve had watching something, since all this shit started going down.

Thank you AEW.

I hope that the AEW and WWE medical staff are up to date on screening for corvid-19. And with the shows being in one arena, it lessens the traveling needed. Just trying to look at some positives

Could you imagine this AEW show in Rochester in front of a live crowd.
-Brodie Lee reveal as Exalted One in his home town

  • anyone let down by Brodie Lee being the exalted one and not Matt Hardy - well here is Vangurd 1 flying in over the crowd.
  • and there is Matt Hardy

And a live promo with Jake
And a Hangman moment at the top of the show where he’s clearly the most babyface of The Elite

Honestly might have been the best Dynamite ever - IF ONLY IT WAS LIVE IN FRONT OF A CROWD

Edit: listening now and heard John say we missed a “euphoric pop”. That one hurts. Would maybe have rivaled biggest pops in years.

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