REWIND-A-DYNAMITE 3/3/21: Shaq, Revolution Go-Home, Jim Crockett Jr.

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John Pollock & Wai Ting review AEW Dynamite featuring Shaquille O’Neal on the go-home edition for Revolution, plus we discuss the passing of Jim Crockett Jr.

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  • The passing of Jim Crockett Jr.
  • Possible move by NXT to Tuesday nights
  • WWE Raw ratings notes featuring The Miz vs. Bobby Lashley
  • NJPW not expected to use Marty Scurll
  • Young Rock Ep. 3

On Dynamite: The go-home edition before Revolution featuring Shaquille O’Neal teaming with Jade Cargill against Cody Rhodes & Red Velvet with an injury angle, the arrival of Paul Wight, Tully Blanchard wrestles on national television with FTR against The Jurassic Express, Chris Jericho & MJF meet the press, the final of the Women’s Title Eliminator Tournament and appearances from Eric Bischoff, J.J. Dillon & more.

A full preview of Sunday’s AEW Revolution card

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I felt like the Arn appearance was a tribute to Crockett with Tully getting the pin over the much protected Luchasaurus

That was such a good show, that first hour especially was :fire:

The Shaq match over delivered and how about that power bomb?! Loved seeing Bischoff, Dillon and Onita (!)

Everything was solid on the show I just wish the Omega/Moxley match had a little more build.

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The one hour episode of AEW could be put on at 7pm on Tuesdays, which when things start to get back to normal would be a lead in to the NBA on TNT.

I marked out hard for Tully Blanchard. I fucking love that guy. I was hoping since they announced that 6 man tag, that he would hit a slingshot suplex and when he did, I lost my mind. It was amazing.

I was hoping that the person Paul Wight was talking about was Tessa and she’d join up with them, but now Tony Khan has said its a guy. I have a feeling it is probably Christian and I really hope its not. I dont want it to be Christian, Kurt Angle or any older guy, but with Wight saying the stuff about the hall of fame, I’m fearing the worst.

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That’s what entered my mind too.

Is it not entirely possible that he’s not talking about an inactive North American legend… What about somebody from Japan?

The only two American free agents who would garnet this much hype would be Punk or Brock. I can’t imagine they’re talking about Christian.

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Yeah I immediately thought Punk or Brock, but I could see it being Angle especially because we saw Conrad last night.

Well, I think we can rule out any New Japan guys, considering the New Japan cup is going on right now and all the big names are in it. Who in Japan from outside NJPW is “hall of fame worthy”?

I dont see it being Punk or Brock, because I think they would have hyped it even more if it was one of those 2. The only other guys off the top of my head that are “hall of fame worthy” would be Christian or maybe RVD. I’ve seen people say Kurt Angle, but he’s in the hall of fame. Christian I guess is in the Impact hall of fame, but they probably dont even count that.

I was even thinking Carlito. I dont know, it depends how serious they are about the “hall of fame worthy” line.

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All good points.

I imagine that whomever it is, they’d have to be a bigger star than Wight, as he is essentially being used as a hype man for this signing. I feel like nobody actually cared that much about RVD or Christian.
Angle would be interesting if only for Angle / Omega. But I cannot see him getting into a multi year contract.

I’m just trying to think of an international legend when I mention Japan. Maybe Mexico?

I just think AEW wouldn’t be making this big of a deal if it wasn’t worth it. They’ve worked very hard to get to a place where their fans trust them, and I’d have a hard time believing it’s not a major name, when they’re asking fans to pay to find out this announcement - when Paul Wight, a giant signing, was announced on Twitter.

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While I thought the opening match was largely well done, I’m just not fully sold on Jade Cargill as John & Wai are. She’s athletic, but is so focused on posing. Too focused in that the ref had to nudge her to stop selling the shock of the table spot and turn around for Red Velvet’s spear (which the director missed!). She’s certainly a project though.

Immediately thought he’s built it up that anything smaller than Punk is going to be a let down.

I thought the few parameters he gave meant RVD. I think that’s a good get and he just left Impact, so we know he’s available.

Brock? Well, I’ll just be amused by some of the about-faces were going to get, but obviously that would shake the atmosphere up quite a bit.

I dont think that is a good get at all. They need to stop going for these kind of guys. I understand it with guys like Arn, Tazz, Tully, Billy Gunn, Vickie and some others that I am not thinking of right now. They’re used as managers or when they wrestle, it isnt taking up any spotlight.

Sting is a bigger name, I get it. They need to be careful with him, but he wont wrestle often. Paul Wight, same thing. He will probably wrestle, but he has other roles. I dont think they need an RVD or Christian or Carlito or Kurt Angle or whatever guys people are speculating.

I see this being a disappointment, because outside of Brock or Punk, I just dont see anyone else that I want to see or that they need.

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I certainly don’t disagree that he isn’t on the level and get the idea that they might be leaning on stars of yesteryear a bit too much, but unlike Sting or Big Show, he can still go well in the ring. The argument against him is they have guys like SCU that they don’t use anywhere near often enough and don’t have to add to their roster with to use, but Khan sure loves anything that can be adjacently slapping WWE and RVD would fit. Ultimately it’s trying to fit what he’s said, and RVD is up there on the ones that would have some sort of utility for them.

If we’re along the same wavelengths that Angle counts, I could see Mark Henry, who said he’s looking for another match, fitting similarly. He’s a close friend of Big Show, so that would fit the relation of the story as well.

Just something else on what @BSR said - I also found the match to be extremely well structured, but think we’ve gone a bit far giving credit to “putting the shine” on the women. They gave them the final spots, which was important, but I didn’t think the performance, nor the production, were up to where you’d hope they’d be for hype given. I can’t even imagine what it would have been like with Brandi instead of Velvet, who did well enough. Neither seem super ready (I don’t watch Dark, so don’t have a read if the latter has been stronger there). Cargill wasn’t anything special in ring, but her look and persona are a huge strength in that languishing division and she doesn’t have to be perfectly ready in order for her to be the right person for this spot.

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Totally agree. She stopped and posed to the hard camera way too much. A ton of potential, great look but just needs more reps

RVD would be a big let down. Anyone who saw him in Impact the last few years knows he is a shell of his former self. I was a big fan of the guy but I don’t see how he would add much to AEW

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You guys have successfully talked me out of RVD…and less successfully, into wanting it to be Ken Shamrock.

I really liked Cargill’s strikes but agree that she needs reps. It seemed like every time she’d go for a move, she’d have a bounce in her step beforehand. But honestly, that was out of my mind following the Shaq table bump. Those tables exploded! A beautiful visual.

Really hoping that Arn appearing when FTR, Spears, Tully, and JJ were celebrating was some foreshadowing for a Nightmare Family/New Horseman feud.

RVD also has his Icons show still to come on the Network. I don’t know if that would stop him from appearing, but I can’t imagine WWE would be too happy to promote a show with him in another company.

As much as I don’t want an older guy, I’d take Shamrock, though I still think it isn’t that big of a signing. I don’t want the diving over the ropes Shamrock though, that he was doing sometimes on Impact. Just a bad ass version.

The names on here. Shamrock, big show, rvd, Tully, Billy gun, sting, Angle, arn. Jesus. What year is it?

Regarding the Street Fight being a Cinematic Match, I’m guessing that the ring for the Main Event has to be set up so there will have to be something backstage or something because I would guess that it would take some time to prepare all the barb wire and explosions.

I’m wondering if Terry Funk was in the Onita role originally because I thought that he would be in the crowd watching it (Like Greg Valentine for The Dog Collar Match) but having Onita was a pleasent suprise for the fans in the know.

I was thinking about Ethan Page turing up for The Ladder Match.

Christian hasn’t shown up since the Rumble and as it’s pointed out, him tagging with Edge at Fast Lane is a no-brainer.

Seen posts regarding Enzo and Cass being The Joker Team for The Casino Battle Royal