REWIND-A-DYNAMITE 3/31/21: Arcade Anarchy, Christian’s first AEW match

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John Pollock & Wai Ting review AEW Dynamite featuring Arcade Anarchy, Christian Cage’s first match in AEW and several returns. Plus, NXT is officially off to Tuesdays and lots more.

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  • WWE officially announces NXT is moving to Tuesdays
  • WWE Raw & IMPACT ratings
  • Road Dogg Brian James out of hospital
  • UFC vs. Jon Jones
  • Nate Diaz returning to fight Leon Edwards on 5/15

AEW Dynamite Review: The show featured Arcade Anarchy with the Best Friends taking on Miro & Kip Sabian in the main event, the first singles match for Christian Cage in seven years, a super-entertaining Trios Match with Kenny Omega & The Good Brothers facing the Lucha Brothers & Laredo Kid, the Inner Circle sets out for revenge on The Pinnacle, Don Callis confronts Matt Jackson, and a line is drawn within The Nightmare Family.

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Soooo, am I only POST-mark that thought the Inner Circle returning to beat up the Pinnacle happened way too soon? And that it was such a heavy beatdown that it possibly cools down the feud? I still thought it was well done and nicely shot, but I would have waited several more weeks. It also would have meant more in front of whatever live crowd they could get. If the intended destination for these two groups is the Blood & Guts Match in Newark, NJ, they at least have a lot of time to build to it.

Yeah I would have waited till a live show and do it in front of an audience. I thought it was pretty well done but the second Guevara did his wrestling move to someone in a street fight setting it took me out of it.

MJF took a mouthful of toilet water. That is dedication.

I could see it being built up to Double or Nothing, and doing Stadium Stampede 2, perhaps?

I don’t know in the wrestling world I have no issue with wrestling moves in street fights. It was a finisher which in Kayfabe is more devastating than most things you are going to do in a street fight.

I have watched the arcade match and I thought it was objectively good but it’s definitely, like the Stampede, not my cup of tea. I think I’m so used to the NXT styles of matches that no matter what AEW does, it will be sub par to me. It’s weird because I can tell it’s good but it’s missing something. I had the same feeling with the Bucks vs FTR match. I thought it was good but I very much preferred any of the FTR vs DIY matches.


If it was an actual street fight match I’d have no problem with it but this was a surprise attack. No one was “winning” this match.

Just made no sense to me to have the smallest Inner Circle guy do that to one of the biggest heels. Would rather they keep it simple in an attack

I mean some of that could be about the build. Like I didn’t love the Arcade match because I thought there were too many gimmicks, and I think a lot of it was I was going in sour on the feud. I was watching hoping Miro would win in a dominant fashion.

Same with Bucks Vs FTR the build for that match was not good, no where near DIY vs Revival, so you end up lacking investment in the match.

The way I look at it is if a wrestler is going to lay a guy out his finisher is a good way to do it. I wouldn’t have been upset if it was just done with weapons etc. The inclusion of his finisher didn’t make the beat down any less compelling for me.

Personal preference is totally understandable. People should like whatever they like.

I do think that missing “thing” for some of what you listed, is a crowd. So much stuff this year suffered from lack of a packed audience. Especially Bucks vs FTR.


Of course it ii a matter of taste but I am trying to pinpoint exactly why I prefer DIY to the Bucks. It’s interesting because I think it has to do with the way they are wrestling. NXT definitely has a style that you become attached to.