REWIND-A-DYNAMITE 4/21/21: 2 title matches, Inner Circle/Pinnacle speak

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John Pollock & Wai Ting review AEW Dynamite featuring two championship matches. Plus, a discussion on all the latest TV viewership figures, WrestleMania attendance and Earth Day.

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  • WWE Raw, NXT, A&E ratings
  • NXT thoughts including “Kool Kyle”
  • WrestleMania 37 attendance figures
  • MLW announces live event for July in Philadelphia
  • Sold-out concert at Daily’s Place this Friday
  • Ronda Rousey announces she is pregnant

AEW Dynamite Review: In the main event, Darby Allin defends the TNT Championship against Jungle Boy, Hikaru Shida and Tay Conti meet for the AEW Women’s Championship, the build-up towards Blood & Guts continues with show tunes and a new scarf, Jon Moxley & Eddie Kingston crash the Elite Party, Christian Cage takes on Powerhouse Hobbs, and Jim Ross sits down with The Pinnacle.

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I understand the criticism of Tay-KO and DDTay, but I’ll take those names over Bianca BelAir’s vaunted finisher, “Oh wow she planted her!” or Ruby Riot’s signature, “oh look, a kick!” At least I understand those are the names of the moves according to Michael Cole.

I’m only half joking. TayKO/DDTay are pretty bad names, but at least AEW is trying to get the names of the moves over, and associating them with specific performers instead of making everything as generic as possible.

I feel like for me it is that both of them exist. If it were one or the other I would think it was fine. Like is she going to use the STayF as a submission? I think TayKO sounds pretty good. DDTay less so. But pick one and have that be her finisher. If you want her to finish with other moves sometimes that works fine but just call them the normal name.

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True, it does get a bit repetitive. They should either stick to one Tay-themed move, or go all-in and use it for everything she does.

Discus lariat? Nay. That’s a spinning clothes-Tayne. Canadian destroyer? Pish posh. It’s called a flipping Tay-ledriver.

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Wai throwing down the Kingston Ontario knowledge.

I guess the possibility of the Blood & Guts episode being a single match show, could be due to the pure logistics of the venue.

Generally, War Games cages have been lowered from the ceiling. Would that even be capable in Daily’s Place? I could imagine to avoid potential issues, they’ll just have the cage set-up all night.


Good point. I assume they can make it a one-match show by padding it out with a lot of promos too.

Regarding the Elite escaping the trailer, there was another door open behind the door that Moxley & Kingston entered, so I hope they call attention to it.


Going back to the start of your show, it seems like I lose my power a few times a year, plus my home uses private water and septic, so when the power goes out, I can’t use water, so you’re never going to hear me say how refreshing it is to lose power. However, there was a time last summer when a careless driver crashed into a service pole outside my home, knocking out my power shortly after it was restored following a storm. While my power company was able to restore my electricity until they could erect a new pole, my cable and internet remained out for longer than that, so I was largely off the grid for a couple days. That was ultimately fine overall, especially since I could just watch some movies on Blu Ray in the meantime.

Agree with this. One match show doesn’t equal one angle show. I presume we’re going to see something with Britt and Kenny during the night, even if it’s a backstage fight or the like.

Also, I’m going to assume John leaves his car running 24/7 now.

And every kick can be Tay kwon do


I guess theoretically, since they’re doing it anyway every other week, they could just tape some matches the previous week if they wanted to and air them at 8 while doing whatever for an hour to entertain the live crowd.

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