REWIND-A-DYNAMITE 4/28/21: Inner Circle-Pinnacle Parley, Darby Allin vs. 10

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John Pollock & Wai Ting review AEW Dynamite featuring Inner Circle vs. Pinnacle in “The Parley” ahead of Blood & Guts, plus Darby Allin vs. 10 in a TNT title match. Also: NHL-Turner, Drake Wuertz and more in today’s news.

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  • Tony Khan comments on NHL-Turner deal
  • Season three subjects on Dark Side of the Ring
  • Drake Wuertz
  • WWE Raw, NXT, A&E ratings
  • Floyd Mayweather Jr. vs. Logan Paul in June
  • Jake Paul responds to Daniel Cormier’s challenge

AEW Dynamite Review: In the main event, Darby Allin defends the TNT Championship against Preston “10” Vance. “The Parley” featured the final words exchanged between The Inner Circle and The Pinnacle before Blood & Guts, the return of Cody Rhodes, The Young Bucks square off with Matt & Mike Sydal, Hangman Page runs into Brian Cage, and the announcement of a big AEW vs. NJPW match happening in two weeks on Dynamite.

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Jake Paul vs ConnorMcGregor, book it.

If I write a long post its less likely to be read. Short version is I disagree strongly with the Joe Rogan part of your discussion. Here’s the type of people he has on his show. She cited studies. She shared the findings. She called for randomized controlled trials.

and that was in May

Regarding young people, here is Covid data on 20 year olds in Toronto. Population 3 million. Deaths. Hospitalizations. Confirmed cases.

As John and Wai mentioned, one of the primary concerns with young people who contract COVID-19 is not necessarily death or hospitalization (apart from those with comorbidities), the issue is the potential spread to older/more vulnerable persons.

I’m not getting into a big debate with you but you’re viewing this in a vacuum with no regard for community spread to vulnerable pops or the unknown long-term effects. To advocate for young adults to not be vaccinated is reckless and irresponsible. Rogan’s comments have been thoroughly refuted by medical experts.


If the covid vaccines keep you from spreading the virus then I am wrong. Unknown long-term effects work both ways. Still disagree and still love you.

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Vaccines help alot against the spreading of the virus. I guess you are wrong. The hype around Vitamin D by the way is also bullshit.

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The article never compared spread from the vaccinated against spread from the unvaccinated. Vitamin D hype?

This is a response to Gerrit now. I looked at public health data and correlated that less likely of death and less likely of hospitalization suggests less likely to give long term effects. This is another correlation. In winter Canada has less sunlight. Vitamin D is the sunshine vitamin. The winter months recorded the highest amount covid deaths. In Australia the nature calendar is flipped and when they had less sunlight, they had an increase in covid deaths. If our best months are when we have 18 hours of daylight I’m gonna think Vitamin D has something to do with it. Especially after what Dr Rhonda Patrick shared on Rogan in May.

The more I think about it I think it’s too early for the Cody/QT match and possibly the tag eliminator get cut on purpose. Dynamite will make time for promos from Team Taz/Christian Cage, Darby Sting and Lance, I think Hangman talks about his loss, perhaps and hopefully a feature on Yuji Nagata. So they start the show with the Omega/MOX Kingston match going 20 minutes. Brit has a short match, with all those promos and at least a 45 minute main event those first 2 matches I mentioned get cut for time and featured at a later date. When John Cena and HBK had that marathon match in London 2007 they promoted Orton would face Edge afterwards and it never happened and I thought that was so cool to do makes it an anything can happen environment