REWIND-A-DYNAMITE 4/7/21: Mike Tyson, WWE Hall of Fame

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John Pollock & Wai Ting review AEW Dynamite featuring the return of Mike Tyson and the final AEW vs. NXT head-to-head battle on Wednesday nights.

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  • WWE Hall of Fame thoughts
  • WWE president Nick Khan has wide-ranging interview
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AEW Dynamite Review: The main event featured Kenny Omega & The Good Brothers facing off with The Young Bucks & Jon Moxley with a twist at the end, The Inner Circle address The Pinnacle with the announcement of the first Blood & Guts Match, Mike Tyson made his return to Dynamite, Darby Allin defends the TNT Championship against JD Drake, and a stacked line-up is revealed for next week’s episode.

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I’m listening now while I type, Jericho cut his promo and said on TNT he would say what he had to say right after the commercial. Also funny that you mention Jake on Dark: Elevation, Archer had a match and as it ended Jake told Paul Wight too bad this match ended so quick Paul I was gonna ask you something but I’ll have to do it later. To me that was teasing a future match

That Jericho promo was incredible but the rest of the show was pretty sloppy.

The Jurassic Express/Bear Country match stunk. It’s sad that Luchasaurus is still so green. Max Caster also looked pretty rough.

Enjoyed the Conti/Allie match, and the women overall keep getting better. JD Drake was also impressive.

But the main event stuff just didn’t work for me. Why did the Bucks team with Moxley and attack Omega/Good Brothers only to turn on him at the end.

And then the turn wasn’t even really a turn. At this point just turn the bucks heel and make them the dickhead show offs they were in ROH. The bad acting and over complicated storylines with pointless back story isn’t working

There’s just entirely too much of The Elite story that assumes long-term familiarity with the group well before their existence in AEW and an over-reliance on non-canon for AEW sources (BTE) being brought up passively within the contents of the show that has no background in their actual storytelling. So when they try to do something grey and muddled, you’re leaving out an entire portion of your audience that you haven’t clued into enough that they can understand all the different directions of a really messy relationship narrative.

There’s a bit of a juxtaposition when these shows are discussed (in review) as a person (me) who doesn’t watch anything but the main show when people who watch BTE think that missing it isn’t a big deal, but also don’t realize how often they refer to it in explaining something. And I shouldn’t have to listen to a podcast to get all the beats of a wrestling show’s story.

And when it comes down to it, not enough of the “good stuff” character-building the Bucks do is on the TV screen, and that becomes a problem at times like last night.

I enjoyed the show overall, but my problem was some of the stuff in the first few segments…

  1. I fucking hate how you can rack up wins on Dark and that gives you a top spot in the rankings. Max Caster shouldnt even be in the top 33, let alone top 3. This guy fucking sucks and so does his partner. The only decent thing are his raps. He is good at that, but I havent seen one match out of this guy, where he has shown me anything.

  2. The heel/face dynamics are getting really fucking confusing. Archer comes out of the face tunnel, but is feuding with Sting? Who is clearly a face. The Death Triangle are coming out of the face tunnel, but are going after the tag titles, against a team who is a face, but then may have turned heel at the end? And they’re also feuding with Best Friends, who are faces as well. Even the camera guy when the Inner Circle was coming out, was focusing on the heel tunnel and then it cut to a different camera to show them coming out the face tunnel.

  3. The Bucks just need to decide what the fuck they are and stop this bullshit with their bad acting.

Overall, the show entertains me so much that I am happy at the end, but they gotta work on getting better at this shit.

Same here. It all left me cold. A major misfire, I think, is drawing out for years this confused-YoungBucks story. It’s not that I think that the so-called tweener role is not useful in wrestling, but in spots like this one it all seems too confusing.

I’m fine with face-face competition, but the Bucks are sort of their own thing, a sort of entity unto themselves. They are Kenny’s friend, and that’s it. Apparently not friends with anyone else. But they are not heels either.

And the announcers keep saying “Bullet Club” but of course that is a NJPW thing. If AEW is not heading towards a confrontation with the real Bullet Club in NJPW then this long and winding and even more winding road of Kenny + Good Brothers + Young Bucks all seems like a shaggy dog story.

Thought it was interesting they picked Sammy Guevara to backup Jericho in next week’s match. Anyone think there’s a chance we see a double-cross where Sammy joins up with MJF and The Pinnacle?

Seems like Sammy has done absolutely nothing but eat pinfalls as part of a the Inner Circle. It’s fine, he’s young and learning and had a prominent spot, but it’s time to move on and hopefully have a featured storyline of his own. This match would present a perfect opportunity. Maybe he takes Tyson out of the equation next week, allowing FTR to get the advantage/win and that sets up your Tyson match at Revolution.

He was the prime catalyst in “exposing” MJF as a traitor during his time with the IC, so storyline-wise I’m sure they could work it in that the two were in cahoots the whole time. Plus MJF and Sammy together is just too perfect.

Just me?