REWIND-A-DYNAMITE GRAND SLAM 9/22/21: Omega vs Danielson

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John Pollock & Wai Ting review AEW Dynamite Grand Slam from Arthur Ashe Stadium featuring Kenny Omega vs. Bryan Danielson in front of the largest audience in the promotion’s history.

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AEW Dynamite Review: From Arthur Ashe Stadium, AEW kicked off its big show with Kenny Omega and Bryan Danielson in Danielson’s AEW debut, Dr. Britt Baker defends the AEW Women’s Championship against Ruby Soho, Sting wrestles on free TV with Darby Allin against FTR, Cody Rhodes returns for his rematch with Malakai Black, the grudge match between MJF and Brian Pillman Jr., and CM Punk tees up his match for Friday with Powerhouse Hobbs.

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I was watching Dynamite on my computer with headphones and I clearly heard Justin announce 1 minute remaining. But it did sound like commentary missed it.

I think there was at least one other time, I think about 10-15 minutes in, where a time limit reminder was mentioned by Justin.

I think Arn thought the side of the ring he was on had the giant ramp. A brain fart moment

Arn 100% fell while trying to get to the other side of the ring post

Could hear the time limit remaining and at the first announcement of 10 min turned to Braden and said it’s going to the time limit
Heard all the mentions of it by Robert’s but the place was lava hot and I don’t think anyone was thinking about time limit.

After the match I turned to the group and said I need to go for a walk. It was unreal how hot it was live and I’m not talking temperature


From watching on TV I feel like JR (I think) gave away the finish by bringing up the time limit on commentary before the match started. It was still an amazing match but right from the start I felt very strongly we were getting a draw. The did swerve me at least a bit because when commentary mentioned I think 45 seconds left I totally thought Danielson was locking in a submission but getting timed out before Kenny taps. So brawling past the time limit was a better finish.

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I thought this was an excellent finish if they were going the Time Limit oppose to having both men laid out. It really left me hungry for more and more and more. It was more Fight Forever than 5 More Minutes if that makes sense.

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