REWIND-A-RAW 1/8/18: Balor Club vs The Shield, Strowman Attempts Murder, Woken Matt In-Ring Debut

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John Pollock and Wai Ting review WWE RAW 1/8/18 featuring:

The Balor Club have their first match against The Shield (sorta), Braun Strowman attempts to murder Brock Lesnar and Kane using a grappling hook, Woken Matt Hardy makes his in-ring debut and a number of names are announced for Raw’s 25th Anniversary Show.

Wai recaps WWE Straight to the Source featuring a very uncomfortable interview between Corey Graves and Enzo Amore.

Plus, Café feedback to the show from the POST Wrestling Forum.



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2 things of note for a fairly yawn worthy raw (but not rewind-a-raw. John was in rare form on this show). We had one more 205 champion…poor Akira Tozawa who held the belt for all of 6 days after winning it on RAW then losing it on the sunday PPV.

Also I think what is happening with “Woken” Matt Hardy just illustrates that the issues with talent not doing their part to get characters over is nonsense. We all know that Broken Matt Hardy became what it was because of Matt. You mean to tell me that its on him if the copycat gimmick fails in WWE? No… sorry it doesn’t compute. This is creative not allowing the talent to try and put themselves over, actively stifling their creative abilities. And its sad cause Matt is pretty creative guy.

Also Enzo is either gonna kill himself or someone else if he doesn’t learn what he is doing in the ring. Jesus. That was hard to watch.

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DeLita :joy:

Broken/Woken needs all the bells and whistles to pull people in, so it must be frustrating for Matt.



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Just a thought now that I’ve actually watched Raw:

How about Miz running down past great IC Champs and saying he’s going to be the only one synonymous with that title… with a former IC Champ and the son of Curt freakin’ Hennig standing right behind him smiling like a doofus.

Maybe because he agrees? In kayfabe anyways. …we had Ted DiBiase Jr chose Orton over his dad with this company.

I thought Wai meant Matt Hardy and Sister Abigail for mixed-tag tournament. :rofl: