REWIND-A-RAW 2/1/21: Edge vs. Orton, Royal Rumble Fallout

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John Pollock & Wai Ting review WWE Raw following the Royal Rumble featuring Edge vs. Randy Orton. We announce the winner of the POST Wrestling Royal Rumble Pool.


  • Jay White returns to NJPW and attacks Tomohiro Ishii
  • WWE hires Christine Lubrano as its new SVP of Creative Writing
  • John Cena discusses his status for WrestleMania 37
  • Friday Night SmackDown tops 2.3 million viewers
  • Dustin Diamond passes at 44
  • WWE ICONS: Yokozuna
  • AEW Beach Break & NXT line-ups for Wednesday

On Raw: Randy Orton and Edge set out to have one final match, Bad Bunny returned, an amazing U.S title match between Bobby Lashley and Riddle that was consistent with the handling of Riddle as a babyface, Asuka and Charlotte Flair attempted secure a rematch for the tag titles, Damian Priest is officially part of Raw, and despite spending Christmas in a diner together—the friendship between Drew McIntyre and Sheamus is over!

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We announce the winner of the POST Wrestling Royal Rumble Pool and go through the best submissions.

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Ironically, my own memory is a little fuzzy on this one, but isn’t Bruce Prichard’s “misremembering” (to be diplomatic) re: Wrestlemania IX and the European tour the same one that he and Conrad argued about when they covered that ppv on his podcast?

Sounded awfully familiar. If so, not only is he wrong, but he’s doing so when he’s been called out on the issue in detail previously. Classic Prichard…

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My hunch is that Prichard is confusing two different tours and conflating them to serve as an argument for putting the title on Hogan, which the evidence doesn’t support.

After Hogan lost the title to Yokozuna, they did do an Int’l tour with the two on top in late July/early August. But, Prichard argues in the doc that the tour was the reason for putting the title on Hogan - when in fact, the two don’t headline any European shows until after Hogan has already dropped the title.

They did do an Int’l tour right after Mania 9 and because of the decision to put the title on Hogan, they didn’t have the champion on the tour, so it had the exact opposite effect.

Regardless, it’s something that doesn’t check out once someone researches it and even if Prichard confused the two tours, it should have been caught.


Or the WWE creates their own version of history all the time. The WWE Universe exists separately from any other universe/timeline.

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I agree John, but having listened to Prichard’s podcast for years (and having recently tapped out for this amongst other issues) even when he’s corrected, it’s not a guarantee he’d change his story.