REWIND-A-RAW 2/12/18: Elimination Chamber 2nd Chance Match, Strowman Strums

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John Pollock and Wai Ting review WWE RAW 2/12/18 featuring:

Seth Rollins and Finn Balor compete with others for a second chance to enter the Elimination Chamber match, Braun Strowman interrupts Elias with his own musical performance, Sasha vs Bayley in San Jose, Ivory inducted into the Hall of Fame and more.

Plus, Café feedback to WWE Raw from the POST Wrestling Forum.

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I don’t even watch Raw and I’m tired of people talking about Wrestlemania moments.

Am I the only one who shouted at Michael Cole : that’s not an STF, that’s a crossface ! There is a pretty big difference between the two moves.

Does that mean I have to correct you because it was a Lebell Lock?

Well it was John Cena, so you can also say it was a poor man’s crossface because his stf is not really a proper stf.

Going back to early in this episode, Jaleel White does have a wrestling connection: Steve Urkel & Carl Winslow, both in disguise, wrestled The Bushwhackers on an episode of Family Matters. Everything was going fine until the Bushwhackers learned that Carl was a cop, then they began shooting on the two of them.

This should be in the fact checking thread. In dept research my friend.


Everyone keeps telling me Braun is a babyface and I don’t see it. He cheap shots guys, he bullies the babyface GM Kurt Angle, he gets fired and throws a huge hissy fit. To me and my friends he’s a bully heel who does power man stuff that makes the fans cheer, he is no babyface.

I believe in John Cena’s definitions of heels and babyfaces : a heel is someone who is booed, a babyface is someone who is cheered.

Didn’t one of the hottest babyfaces of all time Steve Austin do all that?

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Obviously not :smirk:

not by today’s nitpicky standards of “fans”

I thought everyone was over this? Are people still on the anti-Cena bandwagon?

We can like Cena and still admit that he performs his submission finisher badly.

If a guys in-ring is so good that one of his only faults is that’s his STF is a little loose…eh, im fine with that.

I do believe that Cena is showing signs of burn out though. I don’t think his heart is 100% into it anymore.

Indeed I do love John Cena but his STF is really bad. He has come a long way since 2002 though.

“A little loose”? It looks like an awkward hug. It has zero believeability as a painful hold, never mind a submission finisher. He needs to take lesson’s from Nikki, she does it much better than he does. Or just retire it and pick a different one.

Again, Cena fan here, I just think his STF looks the shit’s.

Cena knows if he puts some stank on any hold he does…that poor person isn’t coming back from that…also the reason why he always is an inch away when he hits that 5 knuckle shuffle…he hits that legit and someones not spelling spaghetti right for the rest of their life.

Superman always gotta tone down the power when he squaring off against mere mortals.

I agree with you Deezy. It might be impossible for him to wrap his arm under his opponent’s neck in a safe way. After listening to Bruce Prichard’s podcast, I am under the impression that he was using this move (which he cannot do) just for the STFU pun.