REWIND-A-RAW 2/8/21: Shane McMahon, Raw Elimination Chamber announced

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John Pollock & Wai Ting review WWE Raw featuring the Elimination Chamber participants, WrestleMania Week news, and absolutely no decisions from the Rumble winners.


  • Super Bowl notes from Raymond James Stadium
  • GCW and IWTV running events in Florida for WM Week
  • Friday Night SmackDown ratings
  • The largest attended Raw in history

On Raw: Shane McMahon returned to announce the Elimination Chamber Match participants, it was the latest installment of Drew McIntyre vs. Randy Orton, Edge is still undecided, Bianca Belair is still undecided, somehow Jeff Hardy is challenging for the WWE Championship and Bobby Lashley isn’t, Father and Daughter Drama in the Flair home, Keith Lee returned to Raw and took on Riddle, and more Bad Bunny as he assisted Damian Priest.

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I got an awful chill in my body at the idea of Shane vs Drew at WrestleMania

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I’ve checked 3 apps and they all seem to play fine. Try resubbing, a different app or playing directly on the site?

Okay no problem thanks again.

Don’t mind Wai Ting answering your technical questions at 4am :joy: You don’t get that kind of service from Rogers.


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I think it is going to be Lashley vs Drew. Triple threat at EC is an easy way to get the U.S title off Lashley, without being pinned and then he can change his focus. He’s been kept super strong and deserves a Mania title shot and should take the title and build to Lesnar vs Lashley at Summerslam or even next years Mania.

Thanks. Updated.

Bad Bunny is becoming one of the top 3 most exciting people on Raw. I actually am looking forward to seeing more of him.

Damian Priest is the best thing on Raw. Said back when he made his debut on NXT that they need to push him big. Never understood why they went bigger with Keith Lee. Looking great so far on the main roster, hopefully he isn’t in the midcard for too long. They need newer faces in the main event and he should be one of them.

Hopefully they give us Priest/AJ at WrestleMania. Worst case scenario is they have him work with The Fiend because his music is slightly spooky…

You’ve made your dislike of Keith Lee well known over multiple posts so it doesn’t surprise me to see you disparage him.

But similarly I don’t get Damien Priest at all. Considering the level of talent he worked with in NXT his matches were just …fine. Well below the level of an NXT main eventer. His character is a lot of nothing. He’s an inferior version of Aliester Black. I don’t see him doing anything on the main roster without a character change.

He’s already doing a better job than Lee, Black or Riddle have done so fingers crossed they don’t make the mistake of changing him at all. He’s not really like Aleister Black either apart from him having tattoos… Some wrestlers are just good and impress the indie crowd (I still hear people thinking Ricochet could be a main event talent at a top level), then there are a few that have “it” and Priest is one of those few.

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I agree. I see big things for him. He’s one of the few guys coming over from NXT that actually feel cool and not like a nerd.

They’ve got so much talent on Raw that they are completely wasting. The only ones they really use properly are Drew and Randy. Although they are getting there with Lashley. I really enjoyed Lashley v Drew at Backlash until the silly Lana spot