Rewind-A-Raw 5/18/20: Shad Gaspard, Larry Csonka, WWE Raw, Last Ride Ep. 2

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John Pollock and Wai Ting review WWE Raw featuring Edge’s response to Randy Orton’s challenge for Backlash, and they discuss Shad Gaspard and Larry Csonka.

Raw featured the official announcement of the Greatest Match Ever at Backlash, the return of Kevin Owens, an Axe Throwing Contest between the Street Profits and Viking Raiders, a Submission Match between Shayna Baszler and Natalya, a women’s tag titles match, the dissension of the main heel faction on the show, and the first Brand Invitational match with Drew McIntyre taking on King Corbin in the main event.

John & Wai review “Chapter 2: The Redemption” of Undertaker: The Last Ride.


And your Café feedback, comments, and questions from the POST Wrestling Forum.

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For some reason I found the first two Viking Raiders/Street Prophets segments hilarious - simple, but funny. Than it became too cute for what it was and never had an appropriate, satisfying ending, but there I’ve seen BAD endings on the WWE TV, so I count this one as a W (unlike the one last week, which I thought was stupid).

why did it look like there were 15 ring crew guys out there to set up for the kevin owens show, and after natalya threw the stuff out of the ring did they not put everything back, were they afraid that she would beat them up

it’s not funny at all, just stupid silly comedy, I don’t watch the wwe for comedy, I watch for wrestling, instead I get an episode of the vikings

I’m the commentary during Edge VS Orton, it’ll be along the lines of “OMG, this is incredible”

It could be a complete botch a mania and they will still try to convince us.

I also wonder if this will be the match where wrestlers in the crowd because they will say that they want to watch this with a better view.

Or when the match is ongoing, wrestlers will start to fill up the seats because they are in Orr of what they are seeing.

In all seriousness, I hate this match already

the Orton/Edge match has the potential to be a great match, but more likely it will just become another brawl that leads to out of the ring action, another great match ruined by the writers who just can’t tell, a story without it turning into garbage, the days of Macho Man/Steamboat are long gone

so last week the viking raiders fake they can’t play basketball and this week the street profits fake they can’t throw an axe, just too damn predictable, let me guess, next week we finally get a wrestling match, which we should have had the whole time, enough of this garbage already, and where is the social distancing in the park, and are the cops really giving them grieve for throwing axes, cause it is dangerous but having an open flame is okay, really

Well my friend, there’s you cardinal mistake right there. If you so want to watch ACTUAL wrestling - go watch New Japan, this will be my advice.

Now, if you are like me and you want some background noise while doing stuff - WWE is good for it, even though sometimes it still can make make you want to tear your ears out or make your eyes bleed if you take a look at the wrong moment coughCorbincoughRollinscoughDriftercoughNiacoughCharlottecough. I am not going to argue about the VR/SP segments - I liked the stupid humor, facial expressions and body language of the guys, it worked for me THIS week, but not the week before, next week I heard it will be a HOCKEY game cause it is a “neutral” sport for both teams, which… coughracistcough… we’ll wait and see.

PS No, I do not have the cold or the thing, thank you for asking.

If John didn’t mention there were no commercial breaks in all of the matches I never would’ve noticed. I voted this show a 7 on the poll, it was around 9:30 and they were just starting the women’s tag match I knew they had KO Show, Black/Murphy and Drew/Corbin I thought the final half would drag but it didn’t and kept a great pace. Here’s where I’ll defend Profits/Raiders as a kid the segments I remember most are either main event heavy duty angles like Hogan/Savage/Elizabeth, Savage and Jake, hell even Nailz and Bossman but it was also the out of the ring stuff. Million Dollar Man, Mr Perfect, Fuji Vice, it took you out of the ring and let the personalities show. Were these segments good no but I laughed a few times, it was different I appreciated the risk.

I have no problem with things like the Viking Raiders and Street Profits segments IF they have a punchline or lead to something.

These are just designed to kill time and are completely pointless. The whole thing was built up to lead to a moment where an overweight female cop thought one of the Raiders was cute. Vince likely found that moment hilarious. That’s all it was there for.

I love how it’s a brand invitational thing and you have Charlotte, Alexa and Nikki all show up. Honestly why is Charlotte on every show now? It is bizarre.

The lone highlight was Owens returning, he has been badly needed. MVP also continues to be great on the mic too. Which is more than you can say for the worst talker/actor in the company - Seth Rollins. The messiah character is total cringe. His promos are embarrassingly bad.

Ok, just to vent/point out the painfully obvious: how is a match between one of the slowest workers currently performing, and another guy who has had one real match in 9 years even going to be anything close to “THE BEST MATCH EVER”?

Damn, that sucks about Larry Csonka. He was a regular on the other show for their triple threat segment. sorry to hear he passed. So Sad. Between this ad Shad, this has been a shitty 24 hours.

Not to mention its in an empty arena lol.