REWIND-A-RAW 5/28/18: Nia taunts Ronda, Mauro doc, Enzo’s rap debut

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John Pollock and Wai Ting review WWE RAW 5/28/18:

Nia Jax taunts Ronda Rousey and demonstrates her armbar defense, a Gauntlet Match takes place for the last spot in the Women’s MITB match, The B Team throw a BBQ, Elias attacks Seth Rollins, and Sami Zayn apologies for introducing us to Bobby Lashley’s sisters.

We discuss our thoughts on the Mauro Ranallo documentary, “The Bipolar Rock ‘N’ Roller” after attending last night’s Toronto premiere.

Mauro Ranallo and director Haris Usanovic will be guests on this Sunday’s POST Roundtable (free podcast for all).

Plus, we discuss the former Enzo Amore’s controversial rap debut and your Café feedback to WWE Raw from the POST Wrestling Forum


If you’re a POST Wrestling Café patron, look for a bonus show in your feed as Wai Ting reviews Total Bellas Season 3 Episode 2, featuring the big “break-up” scene involving Nikki Bella and John Cena.

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So it looks like Owens, Strowman, Roode and Balor are going to have a round robbing series ending in the more than likely Tag Match on the go home edition.

If Ronda wins the Title via Arm Bar at the 1st time applying it, will they go the route of Nia being arrogant not to prepare for it? I ask this because if a trained wrestler can’t defend it whereas The Commissioner of the show was able to fight it off a couple of times, then it doesn’t really say much

I think that’s a good point that in hindsight, makes me hate that aspect of that match even more.

Since it’s a wrestling match where duration of heightened drama is more important than realism, I think they’ll avoid doing the flash submission finish. It worked well enough with Goldberg/Brock, but I don’t see Nia/Ronda having nearly the same intensity to satisfy the audience in a short match. I think they’ll build up Ronda’s struggle to apply the move with Nia defending several attempts before Ronda finally locks it on.

I was at the screening of the Mauro doc on Sunday and was very moved. Over 10 years ago I was diagnosed with bipolar and have had many ups and downs and the documentary really captured that struggle. More than any other piece I’ve seen on the condition, this doc really exposes the private daily struggle that we go through in a very powerful and intimate way. This was Mauro’s story but is also all our story as the parallels between his experiences and mine are very similar. I brought a friend to the screening who has dealt with mental illness all his life through his brother, daughter and myself and told me that the doc gave him a better understanding of what we go through.

Unfortunately I was unable to meet Mauro or you guys as I was too emotionaly affected to attempt interaction with anyone but I wanted to let you guys know that during some of my darkest private moments when I needed a distraction from the effects of the condition, listening to your podcasts always made me feel better. Review a Wai got me through some lonely times. Thank you

For anyone who has not seen the doc please seek it out and share it with anyone you know. It might help people to treat people they interact with on a daily basis differently if they stop and think that maybe this person who seems aggressive or rude or something just might be struggling privately and unable to communicate it outwardly in a appropriate manner.

Thanks again and don’t forget to ask people “how are you?” and take the time to listen


I’m a huge fan of both Wai and John. Listening to old Review-a-Wai eps got me listening to Review-a-Raw and LAW which got me watching current wrestling again. I have been made aware of Patreon by other content creators but never felt an urge to subscribe until POST Wrestling came along.

A part of me feels like this is just a massive off-topic derail, and something to not even be mentioned. It was such a small part of the show But, the Enzo thing is in the headline and I’m interested to see what the community here has to say. I am completely willing to entertain the idea I am totally wrong, offbase, and a complete jerk or lunatic.

The topic of Enzo/Phoenix comes up. Around the fifteen minute thirty second mark, Wai says that it’s a tough situation to comment on and notes that a lack of evidence is not a conclusion. John agrees with Wai immediately. I can certainly see where they’re coming from, and can agree with both to a certain extent in general. I know these two gentlemen are not the law and are free to have their own opinions / higher standards of innocence or guilty tan what is required for prosecution. They can even have a desire for a reverse onus in these types of situations or others. What I took from the tone of the conversation is that Enzo is probably guilty.

Wai said that if you were a fan of his, then the music video most likely made you more of one. Maybe that is true in this case, that I’m a fan who’s blind to something horrible. I stopped following him when he was released and Marty and Sarah put the Lil him to bed for good. I downloaded a Ricochet and took him out of my 2K18 Universe. I figured at the very least charges would lead to court. When I read on POST the police were dropping the charges and saw the music video I started following him again. I wouldn’t be so sure that Enzo is 100% done with pro wrestling, considering he’d be the biggest reaction on the mic at almost any non-WWE show he was booked on.

In closing, I’d like to end with an anecdote; I knew a friend in grade 8 who thought Micheal Jackson was the greatest, and we all kind of thought he was weird for it. He just didn’t believe it. I guess that’s what I am now to all of you.

Ashamedly yours,

Tom R,
Enzo fan (until he most likely proves me wrong and him a horrible person in the near future)

I recall John misinterpreting the word “extraordinary” before. Unless he was joking on this show, but I’m going to mansplain anyway.

It doesn’t mean a surplus of being ordinary, it’s being outside of ordinary so really unique or whatever, like extracellular means outside of the cell not extremely cellular.

Anyway that’s enough patronising for day.

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I thought that what John was focusing on what the fact that they are enunciating it as “the extraordinary (ext-ROAR-din-ary) man who does EXTRA-ordinary things”, thus implying a difference in meaning between the two uses of “extraordinary” in the phrase.

Or maybe we’re just being nerds and reading way too much into it…

Well I certainly hope the WWE doesn’t see a discernable difference between what should be the same word.

And hey being nerds is what this forum is about.


Well, this is the same company/man which insisted that Kurt Angle repeatedly use the phrase “bestiality sex” in his feud with Booker despite being repeatedly told that “bestial sex” would be less…erratic language. The Fed not being able to parse the semantics of a compound word isn’t all that shocking.