REWIND-A-RAW 6/7/21: Baszler vs. Doll, Bret Hart A&E Biography

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John Pollock & Wai Ting review WWE Raw featuring the latest worst segment of all-time involving Shayna Baszler & Lilly, and a review of the A&E Biography on Bret Hart.

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We discuss A&E Biography: Bret Hart

WWE Raw: Shayna Baszler refused to apologize to Lilly. Alexa Bliss warned Baszler this was a bad idea. Baszler stomped on the doll. Baszler called the doll stupid. Bad things occurred. A demon spirit possessed the ThunderDome. Equipment fell. Power was lost. Baszler was locked inside of a room. Lilly is INSIDE THE ROOM. Is Baszler alive?

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Remember when everyone thought the stupidest thing Shayna would ever do is furiously bite the back of Becky’s neck?

That was so terrible and I can’t wait till next week when everything is back to normal and they don’t even acknowledge it.

I actually thought this weeks show was better than the last few. Jimmy Smith is fitting in and there were some fresh matches but the Alexa stuff is some of the worst stuff ever aired on TV

What is sad is that a “dark alexa” character could be great if done right. They are wasting a lot of their talents.

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Totally agree. Her performance isn’t bad, just the writing and story is god awful. How am I supposed to be reacting to all this? She’s attacking a heel but isn’t she a heel herself? It was obvious Baszler was never going to be used properly on the main roster but this is embarrassing

I agree, Alexa does it well. You can see she loves Harley Quinn.

Are used to watch Wrestling on Monday nights religiously and POST Feedback, but I just can’t bring myself to watch RAW Anymore.

Remember those videos of Road Dogg and Josh Matthews making fun of old stupid stuff that WCW did? This current stuff is sooooooooooo much worse

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I tried watching for a little bit but got grossed out when Jackson Ryker meth-drooled all over his beard. Pretty disgusting stuff.

Maybe they could make drooling his new gimmick, a la Nia’s “My Hole.” They could call him “The St. Bernard of St. Petersburg” or something to that effect.


I don’t know, I find her pretty cringe when tries to pull it off. She’s not awkward or anything, but I can’t suspend my belief and believe her as being evil. Writing doesn’t help either.

Ya it’s gross, Braun used to do the same thing.

It’s not just worse, it’s infinitely boring and sterile. At least WCW was a fast moving trainwreck


WCW 2000 was like watching a giant explosion. It was completely chaotic and crazy and you couldn’t take your eyes off it. Raw is like watching a a piece of metal rust…a super slow death that takes forever, but will likely never actually fall apart because the base is too strong.

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