REWIND-A-RAW 7/23/18: ‘Evolution’ PPV announced, Reigns vs. Lashley

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John Pollock and Wai Ting review WWE RAW 7/23/18:

Stephanie McMahon and Triple H announce ‘Evolution’, the first all-women’s WWE PPV, Roman Reigns faces Bobby Lashley to determine Brock Lesnar’s SummerSlam opponent, and Sasha and Bayley are best friends again.

We also discuss a potential injury to Moose from Impact Slammiversary and rumours of Matt Riddle heading to WWE.

Plus, your Café feedback to WWE Raw from the POST Wrestling Forum.


Wai reviews Total Bellas (Season 3 Episode 9) as Brie continues to make the most of Nikki’s Paris bachelorette party while Daniel Bryan is finally cleared to return to wrestling.

Wai & John review Being The Elite (Ep. 112) featuring an ALL IN match announcement, Kenny Omega revealing an injury, Flip Gordon challenging for the NWA title, and more from Yujiro and Juice Robinson.

We also announce the winner of this week’s POST Production video contest where we ask for your best WWE-inspired Christmas t-shirt tag lines.

The Double Shot is available for all POST Wrestling Café patrons.

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The 3 hour Raw change was definitely discussed recently. Just can’t remember the context.

I like Matt Riddle but I’m not sure his style will mess well with WWE, the guy is going to have to change a lot especially his insane no selling from Canadian destroyers. But he has incredible charisma and realism to him that WWE could build off.
I’m like many and don’t care one bit for Brock/Roman again, I’ve had enough of Roman getting F5’d and kicking out. As John mentioned as well, it will be in front of the worst crowd for it.
Finally, I feel like this episode defeated Wai. Think he’s had enough of what Raw is putting out.

I definitely felt deja vu on the 6 year anniversary of 3 hours raw. Maybe a few weeks ago it was the anniversary of them announcing the move. Also I guess this doesn’t count as a PPV but there was 1 NXT match on a WWE show The Revival vs Enzo and Cass at Roadblock in Toronto before Mania 32. HHH Vs Ambrose for the title was the main event

The way fans reacted to the reigns/lashley tonight, it got me interested in the reigns/lesnar match at summerslam and got me hopeful that the new York crowd won’t shirt all over the match. Still think that somehow, strowman will cash in the briefcase at summerslam (unless, he lose the briefcase the owens) but it might not be as much of a disaster as some fans think it will be

If you like a lot of finishers and kick outs, you will probably love it. I doubt it will be much more than that. Brock Lesnar is lazy as shit now.