REWIND-A-RAW 7/9/18: Extreme Rules Go-Home Show

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John Pollock and Wai Ting review WWE RAW 7/9/18:

Bobby Lashley and Roman Reigns heat up their grudge ahead of Sunday’s Extreme Rules, Seth Rollins tells us about Drew McIntyre’s love of farm animals, and more from Bayley and Sasha’s counseling sessions.

We also discuss injuries suffered by Hiromu Takahashi and Jim Ross following New Japan’s G1 Special in San Francisco, and Brock Lesnar’s UFC appearance this weekend.

Plus, your Café feedback to WWE Raw from the POST Wrestling Forum.


Wai talks Being The Elite (Ep. 110) featuring fallout from Kenny Omega vs. Cody and The Bullet Club break-up/reunion this weekend.

John shares his thoughts on the G1 Special in San Francisco.

Wai reviews Total Bellas Season 3 Episode 7 as Brie buys really expensive art and Nikki continues wedding planning without John Cena.

We also discuss The Sports Business Daily’s article that shares details surrounding the UFC and WWE’s recent Fox, NBCUniversal and ESPN deals.

The Double Shot is available for all POST Wrestling Café patrons.

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Why aren’t podcasts and webshows talking about Smackdown’s tanking ratings?

This show is in an absolute failure ratings wise and yet smart marks are happy with the product. We’re happy to point the finger at whats wrong when shows are bad…so why can’t we explore the problems with Smackdown now that fans love it but the masses clearly don’t?

I think this is an extremely interesting topic that’s just being glossed over and I would love to hear John and Wai explore it during their smackdown review tomorrow or in the coming weeks.

  • Is AJ’s title run a failure?
  • Is this a lack of stars?
  • Do people dislike the newer talent being pushed? (Rusev, Nakamura, Carmella, Bludgeon Brothers)
  • Is it an issue of too much wrestling for an audience that wants more drama?
  • Daniel Bryan is back and the response has been dropped ratings…is this man just no longer a draw?

I know that Gran Akuma (from CHIKARA) posted on Twitter after hearing about Hiromu’s injury that the 2 worst injuries he ever got was from a head drop move and a dropkick. It was mentioned on the podcast and elsewhere that injuries in wrestlers can happen whenever. Hopefully he’ll be ok, it’s always worrying when you hear about a neck injury.

Ronda being a pre-order bonus for the video game is atrocious, She is the MAIN female active wrestler of your company and you can make a solid argument that the company is being built around her at the moment.

Imagine if No Mercy 2009 (widely considered to be the best wrestling game of all time) had Stone Cold and The Rock as pre-order exclusive characters effectively locking him out of the roster for anyone who dared by the game post launch just for having the audacity to want to learn about customer/critic reviews before spending $60.00+ on a video game.

No Mercy 2009?

I’m aware of the 64 game, but again…pre-orders have been the norm for all the big names for WWE 2K since Rock returned.

What’s going on with Jason Jordan?

It kills the hardcore fan narrative of their wants and needs being placated is better than going after the casual audience.

Pro wrestling fans don’t know what’s cool, stuck in their bubble and think anything thats popular is stupid.

Look at the most over things right now…NWO cosplayers, singing acts and guys who wore dildos on their heads and now just throw around pancakes.

How does that attract a larger audience?