REWIND-A-RAW 8/2/21: Flair vs. A.S.H., Goldberg, Bray Wyatt

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John Pollock & Wai Ting chat about WWE Raw from Chicago featuring a No Holds Barred main event, The First Dance is sold out, and we chat Bray Wyatt, Ric Flair & Adam Cole.

Intro & Announcements


  • Hideki Hosaka dies at age 49
  • Friday Night SmackDown viewership
  • The First Dance is sold out
  • Bray Wyatt released by WWE
  • Ric Flair obtains his release from WWE, per reports
  • Adam Cole’s contract status, per report
  • NJPW Summer Struggle line-ups
  • PWG’s Mystery Vortex from Sunday

WWE Raw: This week the show was from a sold-out Allstate Arena with Bill Goldberg appearing on the program as Bobby Lashley accepted the match for SummerSlam. In the main event, Nikki A.S.H. met Charlotte Flair in a No Holds Barred match, Karrion Kross continues to spiral, Drew McIntyre brings his sword to work, Ricochet returns, and the crowd reminds everyone of the Chicago-based wrestler that left in 2014.

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I am a big Alexa Bliss fan and her ability to play all the versions of the character she has is evidence for me she could actually a be talented actress if she wanted to be. I suspect she will be.

I enjoy her performances in this current role but the storyline stuff and campiness is f’n awful. I mean turn off the TV type sh*t. The kind of creative that is embarrassing for a wrestling company (which WWE is not).

That said. In complete isolation of all else, is a talent who has charisma, can own any role asked to perform, and can pull you in as a channel surfer.

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Wai maybe should have added a preface for their holiday discussion. I’m sure they’ve been told about Simcoe Day in Ontario and maybe even about National Day for Truth and Reconciliation coming up on September 30th this year.


I understood why Wai added the disclaimer but something John and Wai do that most Wrestling podcasts, hell podcasts in general don’t do is be fair. You guys never take cheap shots and come off mean, so when talking about the audio snafu you guys were fair in saying it could’ve been a legit mistake because of how sloppy it was. Also I thought John provided perspective in “Budget Cuts” I worked at a Radio Station for 5 years and every quarter the building would fire 4 or 5 people to make a budget. WWE for now no longer can sign and hoard talent they have investors they have to appease so all the wrestlers are pieces that can be moved

I just can’t watch the Nikki character, so incredibly lame and makes no sense. Typical crappy RAW - guys booked to lose in their hometown and more 50/50 booking :yawning_face:

I need to watch the news more often!

National Indigenous Day does also happen on June 22 but it’s not an official holiday (yet)

Hey guys

I am curious why Wai felt he needed to apologise at the top of Rewind A Raw about thinking WWE piped in their own audio. They certainly haven’t given us a reason to think they wouldn’t do such a thing so I am confused why Wai felt he needed to say sorry for assuming.

Did someone from WWE contact you and threaten to block you from future media calls?

It came across to me that they clearly just wanted to present all the facts of the situation (in regard to this specific instance). And if there was time for them to give the truth of it before releasing the show, why not?


(Moved this here from AAW thread since I’ll forget/it won’t be relevant by the time we get to it)

I added it because it was newly learned information that made a few of our points in the podcast inaccurate/obsolete before publishing. Also wanted to let audiences know we were aware so they didn’t need to tweet us in the morning.

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I think as well, this is the type of thing that separates respectable journalists from those who just look for clicks and views. In all my time listening to John & Wai, I have NEVER heard them make up a story, and they always try to get the facts right. This is the kind of thing that gives them credibility.


More than anything else, I think it’s worth noting that even WWE-apologists assumed crowd-sweetening was the reason for the snafu. It’s been done before, even to the point of splicing actual archival footage of enthusiastic crowds in alongside the live feed. Though I can see why Wai and John wanted to set the record straight before going to (virtual) print, it was a reasonable assumption to make at the time.

Thank you for the response Wai

I have been a fan of you and John since the Law days so if it was taken that I thought you guys make things up that isnt what I meant. I know how hard you both work and are way above other media in your professionalism.

I just heard that off the top and then when listening didn’t think you guys said anything bad that it was needed but maybe its just me.

I haven’t watched anything WWE other than YouTube highlights in 5 years because the company just isnt for me anymore I suppose. You guys keep me updated

Always appreciate the work you guys do

Though I skip ahead when one NJ guy calls :rofl::joy:


Shit I’m sorry @Aaron_Humenny :man_facepalming::joy:
Also a listening from back in the LAW day

I also dont like when clowns call in who try and get themselves over. We need more time for solid callers like MJ, Bruce, Hansi and others who just get their stuff in and get out and leave more time for other people.


Hansi is low-key an S-tier caller. You can tell he’s experienced calling into other shows because he knows well enough to get his shit in and go before he gets the hook.

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I’m jealous of Hansi ability to time his calls well. And Nick has the smoothest voice in the land.

Count me as somebody who doesn’t think a Friday is complete without hearing a few hardy laughs. I enjoy it.

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