REWIND-A-RAW 8/20/18: Roman Reigns vs. Finn Balor, Strowman awaits

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John Pollock and Wai Ting review WWE RAW 8/20/18:

Finn Balor challenges new champion Roman Reigns as Braun Strowman and his MITB contract await, Stephanie McMahon’s coronation of Ronda Rousey doesn’t go as planned, Triple H tells us why he’s facing The Undertaker one more time.

We also discuss TODAY’S TOP STORIES including GLOW being renewed for a third season, and NJPW announcing matches for their Long Beach, Destruction and King of Pro Wrestling shows.

Plus, Café feedback, comments & questions from the POST Wrestling Forum.

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It’s been fixed. I forgot to update the download link.

I enjoyed Sarcastic John suffering fools looking forward to an Apollo/Dana love story and Roode not being at Raw in Toronto

I kinda liked listening to a random episode from ages ago! Better then yesterdays Raw that’s for sure.

Fun fact: Last night was the first time that a former Universal Champion has ever received a shot at the title (“contractually guaranteed rematch” or otherwise). It was Balor’s first title shot since forfeiting it in 2016, while Kevin Owens, Goldberg and now Lesnar have never had their rematch.

Now that I think about, that wouldn’t be a bad gimmick for Roman as a “fighting champion”… giving rematches to the former champs leading up to a rematch with Brock. Of course, I doubt that Goldberg would be up for another return (especially just to do a job) nor do I think Reigns/Goldberg is a match that could happen without getting shit on by the crowd before it even got a chance.

I love Goldberg but I wouldn’t want to see him vs Reigns. Funnily enough he has done an interview a few years ago where he was “criticizing” other wrestlers’ spears.

I would love to know how they pitch Rollins and Ambrose on backing Roman as part of the Shield to help keep Roman over with the crowd (in a face capacity, at least). Rollins is white hot and Ambrose has made a return to a big reaction and yet these guys are being asked to support a less-hot/over champion.

If this all leads to the long discussed 3-way for the title at Mania 35, I’m here for it. that would be awesome

I think you just answered your own question…

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Color me happy then because I think that works as a huge main event 5 years in the making.

Another Fun Fact: Triple H has had 36 matches (20 if you only count TV and PPV) and The Undertaker has had 18 matches (13 on TV and PPV) since “the end of an era”. Thus, they aren’t even the two performers on the Wrestlemania 28 card with the fewest WWE matches since that day… that distinction would go to The Rock and the great Maria Menounos.

Something that wasn’t clear for me : does braun still have the briefcase or did he fail ? I am wondering because Cole kept on saying that the match never started.

Braun is still tweeting as if he has the briefcase, so there’s your answer for the moment. Though it’s possible that it will be part of an angle in the near future that since the announcement was made, it counts as a cash-in even though the bell never rang.

Its been pretty clear since the inception of the MITB, if the bell doesnt ring, the match hasnt started, thus the case hasnt been cashed in.

If only Roman had said “ring the bell” just before the arrival of seth and dean… that would have been such a heel move. He would be a heel vs strowman nevertheless.