REWIND-A-RAW 8/6/18: Ronda Rousey’s first TV match, Heyman Cries

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John Pollock and Wai Ting review WWE RAW 8/6/18:

Ronda Rousey makes her TV in-ring debut against Alicia Fox, Paul Heyman sheds tears over Brock Lesnar, Seth Rollins looks for a partner, Ruby Riott returns, and Lashley doesn’t like Elias saying his name.

We also discuss top stories from POLLOCK’S NEWS UPDATE including All In announcing its broadcast information, John Cena’s first match in China, GSP weighing-in on Conor vs. Khabib and more.

Plus, Café feedback, comments & questions from the POST Wrestling Forum.

NOTE: The Double Shot moves to Wednesday mornings starting this week.

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Have they ever done a post match cash-in that wasnt just finisher->pinfall?

A 10 minute actually competitve match with the beaten down face beating the odds could be a thing?

Not that I think they should throw heat like that in to the bottomless pit that is Roman

Thoughts on Raw:
Roman vs Baron - Crowd is largely into Roman again which I’m sure WWE is happy to see. Another long Baron match and its a real shame the crowd don’t care about him. They’ve been really pushing Baron in his wins and losses and I like his moveset as well as look. The ending was fine but the post match beatdown by Finn on a downed Baron was 100% heel but we were meant to cheer it as a face…odd choice.

Mojo vs Roode - Mojo couldn’t carry Roode to a good match. The wrong person won…clean at that. Real shame. This is WWE though so this was match 1 of 20. Not looking forward to more but hopefully it ends with Mojo ahead.

Elias segment - He’s entertaining but I’m over his shtick (unpopular opinion I’m sure). Reminds me of the X-files and parody segments throughout 2017. All fluff, doesn’t build to feuds that you care about. He can kill tv time which might be all that matters.

Razar vs Titus - Nothing match. The right person won but this feud is going nowhere.

KO Show - Hope this is a one and done…might be given Braun’s stunt. I’m not big on these forced ‘shows’ anymore. They’ve been overused and the segments run long. By all means keep up the Miz’s version but I don’t want to see this on both brands. Nothing against KO whose amazing at his job.
Anyways boring segment but it didn’t hurt anyone and it moved the feud forward well enough so I’ll take it.

Dolph/Drew vs Seth - All good…I’m glad they didn’t make Ziggler look like a total loser but getting pinned here. Seth losing to two heels is fine for him.

B-Team vs Revival - Nothing match made worse by deleter of worlds showing up. This feud must continue :frowning:

Sasha/Bayley vs Riott Squad - Fine match as these girls work well together. Glad to see Ruby back. Really hoping they treat the faction more seriously as a trio since the two have actually started to look more credible of late.

Ronda vs Fox - This nothing match got far more hype and attention then it deserved…it really does make Ronda feel like she’s a division in and of herself with the rest of woman just being jobbers. I get it…I really do…but when only one person of your female roster gets this treatment it feels odd.

Ronda is over and she deserves it. She’s awesome and her offense feels unique for the division. Great way to close the show but I can’t say I’m hyped for the title match. Bliss looks as credible as Fox did right now.

That was how the Miz cashed in. Might not have been ages but him and Orton had a bit of a natch before he won.

As someone who feels alone watching Lucha Underground glad the overrun will feature a review

If you have any feedback on the season, post it in the feedback thread and I’ll make sure to read it on the ‘Double Shot’, curious to hear from those that are watching it each week.

You are not alone…