Rewind-A-SmackDown 10/23/20: Miz-carriage of Justice, HIAC Preview

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John Pollock and Wai Ting chat about the Hell in a Cell go-home edition of Friday Night SmackDown with a preview of Sunday’s card. They discuss the Alex Reynolds injury on Dynamite, AEW/NXT ratings and more.


  • Alex Reynolds provides an update after the four-way tag match
  • Rey Fenix removed from the World Title Eliminator Tournament
  • AEW and NXT ratings from Wednesday night
  • This is Bound for Glory Special from Impact Wrestling
  • UFC 254 weigh-ins

The final episode before Sunday’s pay-per-view was headlined by the Tribal Consequences outlined by Roman Reigns to Jey Uso, Bayley signs the contract under extreme duress, a showdown between Seth Rollins and Murphy, the Mysterio Family drama persists, Law & Otis reaches its verdict, Shorty G feels overshadowed, and Kevin Owens makes a plea for a tag partner.

John & Wai preview the WWE Hell in a Cell card this Sunday.

Your calls, Café feedback, comments, and questions from the POST Wrestling Forum.

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This is the 3rd time I didn’t watch Smackdown because I was working but because of your description of the final segment with Roman and Jey I went back and watched. This segment was so great Jey saying Oh shit as the cell lowered and his reaction to being exiled saying “Who is you” and both figuring out that Roman is telling the truth, they will be kicked out of the family was so damn great. With how much Jey has gotten over as a face it would seem like a waste to have him and Jimmy as henchmen but I think that’s how Hell in a Cell ends. Roman beats the hell out of Jey and both Uso hug Roman to get the bloodline going

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That can’t happen. Roman Reigns is becoming a good heel.

I would not like to see that the effort made to put Reigns over as a heel to be undone as if nothing happened. That would be the last thing he should be booked.

It’s family, families fight families apologize and makeup, if not close the show a reintroduction of the stable on Friday. It might be a happy accident that Naomi is on Raw so she isn’t conflicted

I know, but if you’re going to put Heyman with anyone, you can be sure that the guy can be skyrocketed to heeldom.

The family thing can continue backstage and in real life.

Reigns can go on the next Smackdown and say “It’s not personal, just business.” Reigns needs a heel push, and a mega heel at that, because that’s the only way to reinvent his talent.

They dropped the ball of him doing that back when he fought the Undertaker at Wrestlemania, they shan’t do so again.

When was there a heel in Wrestling that was just better and stronger than anybody else without having to use unfair tactics in his fights? Even Hogan, Yokuzuna, HHH etc. cheated. Does this kind of a champion heel even work?

You have a point, but a good heel doesn’t necessarily have to cheat in his matches. That’s just a dated and done-to-death model.

Did Brock Lesnar have to cheat in his match with the Undertaker in Wrestlemania XXX? Did Kurt Angle have to cheat in his match with Chris Benoit in Royal Rumble 2003? Sure he was a normally-cheating heel, but he beat Benoit clean.

A heel can just be anyone who the fans want to have the crap beaten out of by the faces because he’s an asshole and fights ruthlessly without necessarily cheating.

I remember Mick Foley saying something like that when comparing a good heel to something like the shark in Jaws. The shark was dangerous and fearful because those traits were given by design, not because he cheats.

Times are changing. and while the Ric Flairs are well-known, a new way of doing things is the constant.

Has there been a I Quit match where the heel wins without shenanigans.

I can see it where there is a ref bump, Jimmy gets in the cell and Roman makes him say I Quit instead of Jey and the ref mistakenly ends the match

No, but there hasn’t been an “I Quit” match in a Cage before also.

In those HIAC matches, both heel and face characters take it to the limit and tell a good story.

Of course, I’d have to see it to judge it. Again, I know, I know, you don’t make a cage match where the action is sanctioned instead of rampantly violent.