REWIND-A-SMACKDOWN 4/17/18: Superstar Shake-Up Night 2

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John Pollock and Wai Ting review WWE SMACKDOWN 4/17/18:

In a complete contrast to Raw, night two of the Superstar Shake-Up brings major changes to SmackDown Live with the addition of names such as Samoa Joe, Asuka, Jeff Hardy and more. Also featuring the return of Big Cass and the announced call-ups of NXT’s SAnitY and Andrade “Cien” Almas.

We review 205 Live and talk about its stagnant state following WrestleMania.

John discusses latest reports about ESPN and Fox Sports coming together to make a bid for UFC’s domestic TV rights.

Plus, your feedback from the POST Wrestling Forum.

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As you said on the show, this is OVERLOAD. When will WWE understand that less is more ? My favourite TNA period is when the show was one hour long. It was fast paced with a packed roster. I also love NXT for their short impactful PPV’s and their weekly shows which are easy to digest.

That amount of talents on raw and smackdown is too much. They have to cut a lot of people. I hope they do.

I doubt it will happen but here’s your chance to treat your Smackdown wrestlers right.

The roster is STACKED and you have a two hour show. PERFECT!

  • No more showcasing the same people week in and week out
  • Feuds don’t have to last 4+ months unless the crowd response and stories truly demand it
  • Your entire roster can stay rested and healthy since there’s no reason to overwork them. Give everyone on the roster a week off every month. You have the talent to carry the show through alternate storylines. Give wrestlers who lose feuds a month off so when they come back they can do so with a big pop and on fire.

WWE should have been doing this the whole time but instead they seemingly work their talent 5+ days a week 365 days a year until they get injured.

Lets not kid ourselves here…Raw could do the same thing if you gave womans division 2 to 3 storylines, the tag division 2 to 3 storylines and the same with midcard and top card feuds. Focus on the entire roster over just the big names and you can rotate and rest your talent so people don’t get bored of the act.

Please WWE…treat your contracted talent like human beings and you’ll be rewarded for it.

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In regards to Buddy Murphy, Casey from Squared Circle Sirens was saying on twitter that the rumor is Alexa got comestic plastic surgery this past week, and people are assuming Buddy missing weight was just a way to get him out of the storylines to take care of her

The KFC YUM! CENTER trumps all in the most ridiculous name for an arena sweepstakes.

Alexa did have a minor surgery but is expected back in 2 weeks, is still scheduled for Backlash.

That would totally make sense. Also might explain why Alexa wasn’t at commentary like she was announced for on Monday.

I enjoyed smackdown as far as the drafts a lot better. It’s clear smackdown is more for people that like good wrestling. Saying that I was surprised Cesaro and Shamus weren’t drafted and split up into singles stars allowing Cesaro to finally get into the WWE title mix which is long overdue and even bringing Shamus back into the WWE title picture with all the new great matches you can have with AJ, Joe, Bryan, Nakamura, Andrade, Hardy, Benjamin, Sanity and even Orton. Instead they are just going to keep them on Raw where they have really done all they can do on Raw and they won’t be pushed at all. Also the New Day needs to either become more serious as the new nation of domination or split them up and either out then on different brands or just allow Kofi and Big E to go into the World title picture and Xavier to go for either the U.S. or intercontinental title. They are so stale and overplayed as well as annoying but at the same time they have been so over but they just keep them in the tag title level. All 3 have to share the belts It’s ridiculous. Even Elias is so over he has the look, personality/charisma, Character, and he’s a descent wrrwtkwr capable of having good matches. For some reason they just put him in squash matches against Braun or Bobby Lashley etc. He could of been drafted to Smackdown as well. Smackdown definitely looks like It’s going to get exciting again like when it first started to around 03.