Rewind-A-SmackDown 4/17/20: WWE Revamps Schedule, Dark Side “Jimmy Snuka”

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John Pollock and Wai Ting review SmackDown featuring the announcement of Climb the Corporate Ladder Matches for Money In The Bank.

In this week’s episode, The Miz defended the SmackDown tag titles against Big E. and Jey Uso in a triple-threat match, a pair of Money in the Bank Qualifying matches took place with Naomi vs. Dana Brooke and Daniel Bryan vs. Cesaro, Tamina faced off with Sasha Banks for a future shot at the women’s title, and Sonya Deville attempted to clear the air with Mandy Rose.

John & Wai review Dark Side of the Ring: “Jimmy Snuka and the Death of Nancy Argentino”.


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On Mandy/Sonya I think you guys missed the part where Sonya said Dolph while being Mandy’s boyfriend would train them to win the tag titles. Sonya says "That could’ve been us winning the tag titles at Wrestlemania

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I agree with Wai and John. That Mandy/Otis story has been built really well. You can tell it was a long term story culminating in that awesome Sonya promo.

I would like to credit Andrea Listenberger who is responsible for this storyline as she has also been let go by the company.

EDIT : Sorry, you talked about it during the show.

My main take away from the show was why on earth isn’t Big E a main event world champion by now. It’s been six years with New Day and in that time we’ve seen Jinder Mahal, Kofi, Finn Balor, Rollins, Owens, Goldberg (twice) and so many others get title runs.

How on Earth has Big E never had a shot? It is ridiculous


Feels like they missed an opportunity to do him vs Goldberg, instead of Strowman, as a last minute fill in.

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Why do you think they missed an opportunity? One of the reasons most of these guys don’t become stars, is because they’re just thrown in there with no real build.

If Big E was thrown in, he’d be just another Kofi, when he eventually lost. These guys need legit builds to look like main event guys, or they just come off like the next midcard act that Vince feels sorry for, for a couple months.

I mean, the argument could also be made that it depends on the follow-up.

If Kofi had been given any real follow-up after his loss to Brock, and stayed in the main even scene, then it’s a different story.

It’s like Kevin Nash, when he was Diesel. He went from a mid-card role to Champion for a year, within the span of a few days. The Championship made the talent, and after the reign, he remained on that level.

Honestly, the 90’s in WWF were filled with talents like this.

Rock in 98 was hardly a main event player prior to his win at Survivor Series.