Rewind-A-SmackDown 5/1/20: “Karma’s a Bitch, Bitch”, David Schultz Dark Side

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John Pollock and Wai Ting review Friday Night SmackDown featuring two Money in the Bank Qualifying Matches with Otis vs. Dolph Ziggler and Mandy Rose vs. Carmella.

Plus, King Corbin took on Daniel Bryan, a non-title match with the New Day vs. The Forgotten Sons, Chapter 4 The Redemption of Jeff Hardy with Sheamus watching along, several announcements for next week’s show, and scraping the bottom of the barrel for the last-remaining Tiger King jokes.

Plus, John & Wai review this week’s Dark Side of the Ring: “David Schultz and the Slap Heard Round the World”.


  • Ring of Honor cancels all of its shows for June, including their next pay-per-view
  • AEW’s taping schedule in Jacksonville in May
  • Total Bellas does its highest number of the season
  • UFC releases the full cards for May 13th & May 16th in Jacksonville, Florida

And your Café feedback, comments & questions from the POST Wrestling Forum.

Photos Courtesy: WWE / ABC


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Anyone notice in the funhouse on SD, where Bray was reading the book, the pictures hanging behind of all the people the Fiend has defeated, all of them have white backgrounds and red crossed out eyes. All except Cena. Who had a black background and it looked like nothing crossed out. Knowing the depth of storytelling Bray does I’m assuming it was intentional. Or maybe not. Who knows.

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This is no indictment of this podcast - I just listened and wanted to provide my take on the debate about the re-opening of sports among the pandemic. I guess more or less I’m generally venting. So please feel free to ignore this, I don’t have anywhere in terms of a forum to express myself - so I stupidly decided to do so here.

I am personally someone who has adhered to all of the CDC guidelines of social distancing, wearing masks, etc. and I take this very seriously - especially as someone who’s immunocompromised. I don’t take re-opening of things lightly and think there’s every right to scrutinize. Frankly, I applaud John and Wai for being so ahead of the curve in terms of taking this thing seriously before most.

However, I do want to note that the people in sports we’re exposed to the most as fans are the millionaire players and the billionaire owners who are among the world elite. These people, season or not, are more than likely to survive the crisis pretty unscathed. But, if we look at Major League Baseball for example - it’s necessary to look at Minor League Baseball, which is essentially hundreds of small independent businesses that only see revenue from April through late August.

Without a Minor League season, at minimum 40 teams will be completely gone. Hundreds of employees out of work permanently. And no, this is not unlike the rest of the world. And there’s nothing we can do to help them. People who work in sports aren’t anymore essential than realtors, television networks, or any other profession that’s non-medical and non-grocery store. But, if major sports entities can operate at a capacity where they can take preventive measures and offer people some form of work, I think at this point, at least it’s a glimmer of hope. The fact organizations that will survive this crisis, like WWE, are not simply just doing the right thing is it’s own problem - but that will never happen, so I can only speak from this perspective.

People who work in sports make very little money. It’s not unlike Indy pro wrestlers and promoters. Minor leaguers make $200 a week, front office members not of the senior level take at least 40% less income to do the same job in sports that they could do anywhere else just to be involved. Nobody outside of a small office of people make money. It’s already a grind. And if you can’t tell, I work in the sports industry. I work for a company of under 10 people which will not survive COVID without a sports season. And not many people behind the scenes have much in the way of savings. It’s a broken system as is - but people do it because they love it.

Anyway, I don’t think sports are essential for entertainment. But, I think if rich corporations can operate in a safe capacity to keep people in work in some capacity, I think that’s more essential. And this is probably a totally selfish post. But, I’m sure the guys at POST and other small businesses can relate. If there was 0 wrestling, there’d be less Patreon subscribers, less ad rev, and less work. I’m sure the guys are already dealing with it. It’s the same all over the internet - hundreds upon hundreds of websites, independent companies, etc that rely on sports and don’t have the funds of a MLB or WWE or NFL, will not emerge from this pandemic okay. And it’s already an entity where it’s so populous in funds, but so few involved reap the rewards.

Again, I don’t advise people violate guidelines and I don’t advise people be selfish or ignorant of what’s going on. And I apologize if I come off as someone who seems like profits > people. Because that’s the last thing on my mind. But, as someone who’s now tremendously struggling, tremendously afraid, and tremendously close to financial ruin I never thought I’d see personally, I do hope these sports can operate soon and safely, because at least to me, it’s already a fucked up system in the sports world, and it’s going to make a lot of people live in their cars, not be able to feed their families, etc. So, I selfishly feel it’s essential, but recognize that entertainment on its own is not essential to our day to day way of life.

Again, ZERO implications on these two guys. You have kept me sane and have been a voice of reason in logic in a world that’s so littered with noise and propaganda in Washington, DC. This is totally just a self-therapy session because I think companies that can take care of their people should. And if it requires some sort of operation, and they can safely operate (which I fully know is not proven), I’d like to have at least preliminary discussions begin now. It’s just very hard watching a world die and knowing so many good people who aren’t taken care of and now face those prospects of homelessness. So again, I’ll stop here. Sorry for the rant. Totally selfish on my end. But just the news and discussion of turning back sports has a different meaning to me I wanted to just write


The Reptilian wouldn’t that be Orton burning down the compound

“Sometimes keeping it real goes wrong”

I don’t think you are selfish to have a differing opinion especially with how well worded your argument is.

A lot of the developing plans to have sports return has teams living in a bubble for months (article below), which seems like it would be quite mentally taxing. If I were a player and even if I loved the game, I’m not sure I could live away from my family for months like they are suggesting with their current return plans:

Either way, I think more needs to be done to protect those who aren’t working and were denied unemployment benefits. Put up a rent/mortgage payment freeze or re-examine some people’s denied unemployment claims. It seems like there are quite a few people in this just being left off to fend for their own without any sort of financial safety net.

Nothing wrong at all about expressing your opinion in a respectful way.

We live in a world in 2020 where unfortunately people tend to see things very black and white. They believe their perspective is 100% correct, and anyone that opposes them is a idiot. The world doesn’t work like that.

The show isn’t coming up on my iTunes feed.

Edit - I’ve fixed this