Rewind-A-SmackDown 6/5/20: New Champions, TakeOver Preview, Your Calls

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John Pollock and Wai Ting discuss Friday Night SmackDown where Braun Strowman conquered a van.

Friday’s episodes featured Alexa Bliss & Nikki Cross defending the WWE women’s tag titles against Bayley & Sasha Banks, a show-long series of pranks by The Miz & John Morrison on Braun Strowman, a face-to-face segment between Daniel Bryan and AJ Styles, Jeff Hardy shares his side of the story and accuses Sheamus of attacking him, plus King Otis & more.

John & Wai also take a look at the NXT TakeOver: In Your House card.

Plus, it’s a LIVE edition of Rewind-A-SmackDown and we will be taking your phone calls. Watch video of this podcast by clicking here.


  • Paul Levesque’s media call discussing COVID-19 testing, cinematic matches, Drake Maverick, TakeOver: In Your House & more
  • AEW and NXT ratings from Wednesday night
  • Total Bellas season finale rating
  • WWE Network removes 30-day free trial option after adding its free tier
  • MMA media cuts at The Athletic

And your Café feedback, comments & questions from the POST Wrestling Forum.

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A HEMI is a combustion chamber in a car. Therefore the redhead responsible for it’s growing with Jeff Hardy is Christy HEMME.

I took a risk on that one :joy:

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I want to clarify something I said on my call in yesterday. What I mean when I’m starting to feel it’s “put up or shut up” time as it relates to companies roll in contributing to the necessary change we need to see in America (and around the world). I’m all too sensitive as to being misunderstood and know sometimes what I may say out loud isn’t the full thoughts I’m having.

I’m seeing a lot of CEOs and Brands speak up and I think it is long overdue. What I meant in my call last night was if these companies don’t start acting on what they talk about then people should be done with these companies and brands. We can’t keep having all too important conversations and then getting powerful corporations and leaders to speak up only to do nothing. I don’t fully believe in cancel culture but to the degree it is a thing, if these leaders don’t start showing real desire to help with change, their asses should be cancelled. And that’s incumbent on all people who want change to stop giving a pass because of whatever products they sell you or whatever benefit they provide.

I’ll go beyond wrestling - Wall Streets big thing last week in response to the recent events is needing more diversity on boards and in executive leadership roles. That’s both great for them to say, and true for real change to take place in that world. If in 6-18 months nothing changes than all these people and their quotes need to get called out and made an example of. I mean put up or shut up in terms of taking action or getting the fuck out of the way so a new generation of leaders and businesses can create long overdue change.

The NFL did that whole deal with Jay Z and I’m sure it was a step in the right direction. For me, this is their last call. Their owners and partners need to get serious and not just say things for soundbites anymore. Im inspired by the players who didn’t let Drew Brees comments slide or change the conversation as we saw in 2017/2018. Goodell seemed to take notice.

If they don’t take notice and hope the climate cools off - I’m understanding that is a huge part of the problem. This isn’t the kind of thing influential organizations (NFL, WWE, Wall Street, Media, Politics) can just let fade out one more time.
I hope as a society we all don’t let them. It’s too important and too damn long with nothing changing, and if they can’t use their influence correctly then they deserve all the criticism and more because it’s these large institutions who are stuck doing typical PR, while the rest of the world wants real atypical action.


Well said, MJ (and I don’t think anyone would have cause to have misunderstood your comments). The WWE, like a lot of those entities you mention, has been relatively adept at going through the motions and putting up a facade of change and progress while invariably doing nothing actually substantive. It feels like in the same way that the NFL has the blackballing of Kaepernick to address and deal with, the WWE has its Trump ties. You need to do -something- above and beyond an eyewash PR bumper off the top of the show. This company -should- squirm when it tries to explain to its black employees why it’s maintained off-stage ties to this administration while broadcasting those feel-good MLK montages and releasing PR blasts about diversity.

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