REWIND-A-SMACKDOWN 7/31/18: Charlotte added to SummerSlam title match, Daniel Bryan challenges Miz

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John Pollock and Wai Ting review WWE SMACKDOWN 7/31/18:

Charlotte returned to SmackDown, defeating Carmella and turning the women’s title match into a three-way match at SummerSlam. The feud between Daniel Bryan and The Miz continued with a challenge issued for SummerSlam. Samoa Joe continued his streak of great promos, The Bar took on The Usos in the tag tournament & lots more.

Plus, Pollock & Wai go through the major news stories of the day from Pollock’s News Update on the website with reaction and thoughts on the key stories.

Your feedback, comments & questions.

Plus, Café feedback from the POST Wrestling Forum.

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Hey John quick fact check Amaile Arena in Tampa wasn’t the venue for Royal Rumble 2016. That’s the Amway Center in Orlando where AJ made his debut.

I was a little iffy when Joe got moved to Smackdown but looking at it now he’s had the chance to show that he’s the top guy that we know he is.

Connors ‘punishment’ is going to be a HUGE money fight that benefits him and the UFC far more than it ever would have had he not broken several laws.

Truly this is a great story to teach young celebrities and wealthy people around the world. You aren’t like the rest of us. Mathew Brodderick famously murdered 2 people and it only resulted in $175.00 fine. Not bad for someone whose net worth was 45 million in 2016.

Maybe Conner should consider an act of terrorism leading up to his next fight…really pop those PPV buys.

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The woman’s division are killing it on Smackdown and its fantastic to see them getting the bulk of the shows airtime and main event without any forced hype backing it up and without even feeling forced.

Like Wai, I was hesitant when adding Charlotte to this mix as I was very happy with the one on one build but in the end they sold me on a triple threat being just fine.

I think WWE SHOULD turn Charlotte heel both because she’s better that way and also because Ronda vs Charlotte is your logical WM goal to push towards. While a face vs face match at WM will always work…I think its much more effective to go in with the face/heel dynamic especially when each wrestler is at their prime playing those roles.

I would NOT give away Charlotte vs Ronda at Evolution. I think you can build a couple of big Ronda matches without giving that one away.

Ronda vs Sasha could easily be something given the work rate of Sasha and her legitimacy in the eyes of fans. If you want the encounter to feel more special for the PPV then Ronda vs Asuka cross promotion is also great assuming you’ve taken some time to fire up Asuka leading up to the ppv. Ronda vs Natalia makes a lot of sense from a strong story perspective but I agree that this kind of match would be better suited for something like a Royal Rumble or Survivor Series over Evolution.

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I kinda get now fans that can’t stand Roman reigns Mega push as i’m the same way with Charlotte at this point. I might be in the minority but i just don’t get what everybody see in here. She not a great promo, she’s a decent wrestler at best but because she’s Ric flair’s daughter she gets this mega push that seem to really never end. Now she overshadowing Lynch who should have gotten her moment in the sun finally but because they didn’t know what to do with charlotte they put her in that match. I really hope that She doesn’t win the belt at summerslam because while i get that she a bigger star then the other 2, anybody else would be a fresher option right now then another charlotte flair title reign.

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@wai0937 @johnpollock

FYI it does make a difference if the rating scale is 0-10 or 1-10. Technically on your current 0-10 scale, that’s actually an 11-number range as opposed to 10. So when the board rating is 7.5 on a 0-10 scale, that is actually the equivalent of an 8.5 out of 11 (or the equivalent of a 7.8 on the normalized 1-10 scale). So when you say that you’d be disappointed if the board voted this show lower than an 8, we actually voted it much closer than you assumed because the 0-10 scale is wider than 1-10 and thus the 7.5 is stronger on a 0-10 scale.

I would much rather see Charlotte turn heel than Becky. She’s terrible as a babyface whereas Becky is great as a babyface.

Becky has legitimate reasons to be annoyed but I would like to see her trying her best to not let it affect her with Carmella trying her best to get Becky to turn on Charlotte but she never does but still ends up winning the title. That’s when Charlotte turns on Becky stating that the only way the friendship works is if she’s the champion and Becky’s just the underdog that the fans root for. “Becky’s not supposed to be champion, I am”.

That works a lot better and puts both women in a situation which best suits them.

Got to agree with not turning Becky, she’s such a natural babyface it could be career suicide.

Charlotte comes off as such a natural heel and it would make sense if the eventual goal at Mania is Charlotte vs Ronda.

Becky Lynch is the Tommy Dreamer/ Daniel Bryan of the women’s division, every failure seems to get her more sympathy and will end up getting her more over as a result. If people don’t obsess over losses like it actually matters.