Rewind-A-SmackDown 9/4/20: “The Big Don”, WWE vs. Third Parties, Khan Q&A

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John Pollock and Wai Ting chat WWE SmackDown featuring the reveal of Roman Reigns’ next challenger, a big Bayley-Sasha angle, WWE issues memo to talent, AEW Dynamite ratings, Tony Khan’s Q&A, and more.


  • WWE informs talent to stop using third parties using their likeness
  • AEW Dynamite ratings on their return to Wednesday
  • Tony Khan Media Q&A notes
  • Change to the Buy-In line-up prior to AEW All Out
  • AOP released by WWE

On Friday Night SmackDown, we heard from the new Universal champion Roman Reigns and his special council Paul Heyman. Plus, an injury takes out a participant in the fatal four-way to determine Reigns’ next challenger at Clash of Champions, a rematch with Shayna Baszler & Nia Jax vs. Bayley & Sasha Banks, a major post-match attack, John Morrison steals the Money in the Bank briefcase and more.

Plus, your feedback and calls on this live edition of Rewind-A-SmackDown.

Photos Courtesy: WWE


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Sometimes you go for a joke and you make the boys laugh,

other times you go for a sandals joke and it bombs.


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Another good week for Smackdown because things actually happened. The Bayley turn and Uso push were both well done.

Nia and Shayna are a fun team in ring and anytime Zayn gets to talk is good. The only negative was Riddle eating the pin, he really feels like just a guy

Just listening to the pod and this is what I would do with Bayley and Sasha. They get one match where Bayley gets a win by nefarious ways and then Sasha gets drafted to RAW. Bayley cuts a promo and laughs at Sasha. They lead teams against each other at Survivor Series, but Sasha doesn’t get her revenge. Bayley cuts another promo the following week saying how Sasha failed and will never get another chance since she got drafted. Every week for the next two months Bayley takea a little dig at Sasha. Sasha wins the Rumble and these two go at it at Wrestlemania where Sasha gets the big win. I probably should wait until after the pod is over to make sure they don’t addreas this exact scenario in the feedback…but I digress. It’s a good idea.

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