REWIND-A-WAI #34: PWG Battle of Los Angeles 2018 (Final Stage)

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John Pollock and Wai Ting review the Final Stage of Pro Wrestling Guerrilla’s Battle of Los Angeles 2018 tournament featuring Bandido, Jeff Cobb, Shingo Takagi, WALTER, Joey Janela, PCO, CIMA, Trevor Lee, Brody King and more.

We discuss PWG’s first BOLA to take place outside of its signature American Legion Hall residence in Reseda, its difficulty in maintaining a recurring roster as independent acts sign full-time deals with larger companies, as well as the ongoing relevance of its delayed-release model in a landscape of increasing live streaming options.

This edition of the Rewind-A-Wai is presented by Espresso Executive Producer, Bruce Lord.

Ways to watch BOLA 2018 (Final Stage):

PWG Battle Of Los Angeles 2018 (Final Stage)
September 16, 2018
Globe Theatre
Los Angeles, CA

*Brody King vs. Trevor Lee
*Jeff Cobb vs. Rey Horus
*Robbie Eagles vs. Shingo Takagi
*CIMA vs. Joey Janela
*Jonah Rock vs. WALTER
*Bandido vs. Flamita
*PWG World Tag Team Title Match: The Rascalz (Dezmond Xavier & Zachary Wentz) (c) vs. The Lucha Brothers (Penta El Zero M & Rey Fenix)
*Ten Man Tag Team Match: Adam Brooks, David Starr, DJ Z, T-Hawk & Timothy Thatcher vs. Dan Barry, Darby Allin, Jody Fleisch, PCO & Puma King
*BOLA Semi-Finals and Three-Way Elimination Final

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Excited to hear this review but I wasn’t going to pay to watch this and plus it just happened last year so I remember the coverage surrounding it.

Maybe make the producers pick something at least 3-5 years old? The best part of Rewind A Wai is hearing you guys talk about the state of the industry at that time.

Just my opinion, I’m sure others will disagree

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If an executive producer is paying $50 a month, they probably deserve to pick whatever show they want to review. But, I am in agreement with you in that it’s very disappointing to me when a more current show is picked. I much prefer the in depth analysis on retro shows at least 10 years old. On the bright side, the Double Shot has been giving some doses of nostalgia lately with reviews on the Viceland docs.

I personally prefer older shows but as efuds said we pay for the right to choose whatever show we want and they shouldn’t be any restrictions(maybe Over The Edge 99).

My pick is up in four weeks and you will be pleased to know it’s a show from 1997 what the guys haven’t reviewed before here or at the LAW.

I was thinking about what was missing from this show and I think you’re right efuds, feel it was the lack of depth that most rewind-a-wai go into when they have an older show to review. I didn’t mind this for a change but this felt like more a show the guys could have thrown up as an extra show rather than a rewind-a-wai.

If I’d known I could watch PWG before this I would have left feedback but all I could see was a 5 minute highlight clip.

In regards to Jonah I’m pretty sure he’s always shaken his hair in his matches. As for the reigns inspired fist pump I’d have to see the clip to be 100% sure.

I feel like the only WCW fan on here. I’m just waiting on a WCW review and people hardly choose one.


As a counter arguement, I’ve had bola 2018 on my computer since around oct and hadn’t watched it yet. This gave me motivation to finally sit down and watch it all, so I’m rather grateful for this particular R-a-W.