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John Pollock and Wai Ting return for another edition of Rewind-A-Wai and travel (by helicopter) to the year 1993 to review WCW’s SuperBrawl III card featuring the “White Castle of Fear Strap Match” between Big Van Vader and Sting.

This edition of the show is presented by our “Espresso Executive Producer” Ryan Charkow, who will join us to discuss why he chose this specific event, his 10th birthday party viewing of SuperBrawl, and growing up watching WCW in Canada.

February of 1993 was one of the craziest time periods in WCW’s history with the exit of Bill Watts, the promotion of Ole Anderson, Ric Flair’s return, Jim Ross’ removal from WCW programming, The British Bulldog’s debut and Eric Bischoff beginning his ascent within Turner Broadcasting.

WCW SuperBrawl III
Sunday, February 21st, 1993
Asheville, North Carolina

*Big Van Vader vs. Sting in the “White Castle of Fear Strap Match” for the WCW title
*The Great Muta vs. Barry Windham for the NWA title
*Dustin Rhodes vs. Maxx Payne for the United States title
*Cactus Jack vs. Paul Orndorff in a “Falls Count Anywhere Match”
*The Rock ‘n Roll Express vs. Tom Prichard and Stan Lane
*British Bulldog vs. “Wild” Bill Irwin
*2 Cold Scorpio vs. Chris Benoit
*Flyin’ Brian and Steve Austin vs. Erik Watts and Marcus Alexander Bagwell

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Without hearing this yet… I hope they review the full White Castle of Fear promo video. PARTY STING. Vaders whores. And a midget thatnlooks like Hornswoggle

And the name I was screaming at my phone was


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I swear there was a show back in the old days where John or Wai (or maybe it was a guest) watched a show and then the review got changed. Not exactly watching “the wrong show,” but close. Maybe our trusty Archivist can confirm or deny.

What happened was John and Wai announced the next review and it was a show they had already reviewed but didn’t realize it. Listeners pointed this out and they changed what show they were going to review.

I looked through my archives and I don’t think i noted what show this happened on.

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I really could have used a little more warning before the whole Watts statement. Listening to that on my speaker at work was a little less than great for me. I realize the shows are somewhat profane and thats usually fine but that was a LOT to just drop without any heads up.

For the sake of your co-workers, please use headphones at all times


This shows have become longer but they don’t feel it at all. It feels like you guys don’t have to rush these at all. Another great review guys.

Thanks, we also have the additional segments with the producers but I’m also trying to add more context to the time period and that can open up many additional topics. Hope everyone is enjoying the Rewinds.

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I learned this lesson listening at work during a certain Review A Wai Anniversary Show

Hopefully the patreons that get to choose the show start coming up with more original or topical shows (this one was fine and topical). I really hope we don’t just get a bunch of Wrestlemanias and Royal Rumble reviews.

I take it that old copies of the Observer Newsletter amongst other things help you in researching times like this?

That Bill Watts quote was shocking. I sat at my desk, jaw agape, hands hovering above my keyboard, frozen with anger at the stuff he was saying. Awful.

I fully agree. The shows have been great regardless but they get to choose any show you want and they keep picking these big shows. Not a complaint at all, I’ve just been listening to John & Wai for years so I’ve heard all those shows reviewed before. And if it was really an issue for me I should be an espresso member to pick the show myself.

Well Wrestlemania XX is next and I’m pretty sure they’ve never reviewed that show before.

Not on Post wrestling but they did on Review-a-Wai. John even got his friend Brad on the show, who had travelled with John to watch that mania.

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Just checked the old archives and you’re right, I always thought that one of the few manias they didn’t do.