REWIND-A-WAI #87: Warrior (2011 film)

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John Pollock & Wai Ting review Warrior, a 2011 Mixed Martial Arts film about fighting, family and forgiveness featuring Tom Hardy, Joel Edgerton and Nick Nolte.

We discuss the 2011 MMA landscape in which this film was released, how accurately it depicts the sport and its culture, the fantastic Oscar-nominated performance of Nick Nolte, why the film received a low levels of attention compared to similar releases like The Wrestler, and Kurt Angle’s Fedor Emelinanenko-inspired “Great Koba” character.

Plus, your feedback from the POST Wrestling Forum.

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Thanks for the review guys. I never saw this movie myself but definitely remember hearing about it.

Edge-er-ton. Australian actor who has a pretty lengthy filmography, but I would say he hasn’t reached the level of stardom of Russell Crowe, Hugh Jackman, or Chris Hemsworth.