REWIND-A-WAI #90: WWF Royal Rumble 1992

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John Pollock & Wai Ting review WWF Royal Rumble 1992 as Ric Flair lasts over 60 minutes to win the 30-man Royal Rumble for the vacant WWF World Heavyweight Championship.

We discuss one the most well-remembered performances of Flair’s career, highlighted by a memorable call from Bobby “The Brain” Heenan and an all-time classic post-match promo. Plus, storylines involving Hulk Hogan vs. Sid, Jake Roberts vs. Randy Savage and more.

The show is filled-out with a less-than-memorable undercard featuring Roddy Piper vs. The Mountie, LOD vs. The Natural Disasters, The New Foundation vs. The Orient Express, and The Beverly Brothers vs. The Bushwhackers.

Espresso Executive Producer Robert Holzhammer joins us to discuss his selection before going through the Trivia Gauntlet for January 1992.

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