Rey Mysterio still has CM Punk's hair from when he shaved his head, adds that he has a great relationship with Punk

Originally published at Rey Mysterio still has CM Punk's hair from when he shaved his head, adds that he has a great relationship with Punk

Mysterio also comments on the new regime in place at WWE and how things have been so far.

For weeks, Rey and Dominik Mysterio have been feuding with The Judgment Day (Finn Balor, Rhea Ripley & Damian Priest). Edge made his return at SummerSlam and got into the mix of the program.

Rey spoke about that and more as he was being interviewed by Inside The Ropes. As the conversation rolled on, Mysterio’s match with CM Punk from WWE Over the Limit 2010 was brought up which concluded with Rey shaving Punk’s head.

The former 3-time WWE World Champion said he still has Punk’s hair and keeps it in a Ziploc bag. Rey went on to state that he and Punk have a great relationship and even back during their time together in WWE, they always got along.

I still have some of his hair in a little Ziploc bag with the date and that’s what we do in lucha libre. When you have a mask versus mask and you win and you take your opponent’s mask, then you keep it as a trophy. If you have a mask versus hair or hair versus hair match and you happen to win — I learned this from uncle just from growing up in lucha libre — my uncle would collect the hair of his opponent and put it in a little baggie, date it, put the name of the opponent, where it was at and it’s kind of like a souvenir, trophy. So I actually — I do have CM Punk’s hair in a little Ziploc bag… It’s in one of my photo albums.

He was cool, he was cool . I’ve always had a great — still to this day have a great relationship with Phil. Punk is a great guy. Despite his problems with WWE, we have always got along and during that time, he let me be me. I was always very careful though with him.

It is coming up on a month since it was formally announced that Stephanie McMahon and Nick Khan would be co-CEOs of WWE and Paul ‘Triple H’ Levesque would be overseeing creative.

Mysterio said it feels weird and empty not having Vince McMahon there to get approval, but things are off to a good start as this new regime gets settled in.

Very little said, very big shoes to fill but I don’t think they could have picked better people to put in that spot than them to in some sort of way, try to better the company and give the fans what we always like to give ‘em, what they want and matches they wanna see and the storylines they wanna see so, it’s hard work for all of us because it’s work that we all put in to eventually please our fans globally.

Yeah, it has been, it has been and we’re only gonna get better as we move forward and questions are gonna be brought up and answers are gonna be given. But in the meantime, I think you can start seeing the changes and the improvements of certain details within the show that I think, again, are only going to get better within time.

There was a segment involving Rey, Finn, Rhea and Damian on the 8/15 Raw and to hear POST Wrestling’s recap of that segment and the entire show, head over to this link.

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