Rhetorical Questions thread...

Not sure this has legs, but a few things were in my head this past week (mostly dumb admittedly) and I thought I would see if this goes anywhere. Please add your own rhetorical questions if you feel like it. And I should add I used the word rhetorical a little loosely but you get the idea. Thanks everyone.

  1. If King Kong Bundy was pinning you, and asked for a 5 count and you kicked out at 4, does the match continue? Is that a referee judgment call?

  2. If you were Hulk Hogan’s actual brother (gasp) would you be pissed off that he uses the word so much or be kind of flattered?

  3. Would it be really bad or really great if someone won a match with an Abdominal Stretch in 2021?

  4. Why does a top merch selling 62 year old (who is about to wrestle in his 5th decade with spinal stenosis history in his resume) get less respect after taking a powerbomb than a guy who fails a drug test and puts a briefcase to his ear pretending it’s a boom box?

  5. What is the triple threat you’d rather see…Yano vs Orange vs Cabana or Shingo vs Suzuki vs Ishii?

  6. Why does rarely appearing make a wrestler a special attraction? Shouldn’t it just be a rare attraction? Isn’t referring to them as special a little presumptuous?

  7. In 1983, a suspended Dusty Rhodes wrestled a sanctioned NWA title match in a mask as The Midnight Rider. He defeated Ric Flair for the belt but then was stripped immediately because he wouldn’t unmask and the title was returned to Flair. In your opinion who is the rightful champion? Flair because of the NWA decision, the Midnight Rider because he was permitted to challenge as the Midnight Rider, Dusty Rhodes because he found a loophole or nobody because the champion was pinned in a title match ?

Thanks everyone. Just thought I’d put it out there for fun. Stay well.

I loved the first one upon first viewing, and thought it should belong with PhD level economic game theory!

… but, after some thought, I think the kick-out would be allowed and the match would continue. Bundy waived a rule in his favour, and the ref allowed it and agreed to Bundy’s substitution, a five count, which is not in Bundy’s favour, but it’s what he wanted. So the five count stands. If the fellow kicks out at 4, then Bundy needs to accept the consequences, and avalanche the poor bugger down to pancake city again. (H/T to Gorilla Monsoon for the Pancake City reference.)

So the kick-out at four should be allowed, IMO.

Is Zach Gowen technically undefeated in Battle Royals?

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