Ric Flair & Charlotte Flair

What the hell was up with the Ric Flair & Charlotte Flair angle. First of all, super weird that he is somehow now being the heel in the situation, when it was Charlotte in this role the whole time. 2nd, super creepy that he (Ric) seems super turned on by Lacy, considering she looks like a carbon copy of his daughter Charlotte. Lastly, how weird was it that they just cut scenes after this happened like it was just a pinfall and it was on to another segment. This seems like a pretty major angle with a legend like Ric Flair turning on his own daughter. This company and their angles and how they handle them…just ODD

None of it makes any sense. Sad that Flair has to whore himself out like this in the middle of the pandemic

Agreed. With all of his health issues, is it really necessary to put him at risk for a crap storyline like this? What makes it even worse is Charlotte is normally pretty good with her acting in WWE, but she has such a soft spot with Ric that you can tell it’s extremely tough for her to treat him like crap even for storyline. Just comes across so fake and awkward.

Are these angles even possible anymore in a company with the exposure of WWE? I’m an advocate of the whole “they’re just characters” mindset, but I don’t think wrestling is at that point yet in terms of how the majority of the audience and how some of the performers want to treat it.

So even in the scripted world of pro wrestling, family members feuding and romance angles between performers who are married to other people (and the current Flair storyline has both) come off as so ridiculously phony.

If Ric is ok with it, than I am ok with it. I love watching the guy. Who knows how much more we’ll get to see him, especially performing. It could be years still, it could be months. Its not a great angle, but he’s always entertaining.

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I don’t have any issue with this feud whatsoever and I don’t get what the big deal is. Evans is clearly trying to seduce Ric Flair to throw Charlotte off her game. What’s so confusing about this?

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Why though? What’s in it for Lacey?

You have an entire roster of talent and tons of people in NXT that could play this role. Why give the role to the 71-year-old guy who almost died last year? No benefit during a pandemic for Ric to be used this way

You want to know what’s so confusing about it, ok here we go:

  1. Ric Flair almost died last year. We’re in the middle of a pandemic and he’s constantly being flown in for this. Risking his life for this. Confusing
  2. Last week he accidentally messed up the match for Charlotte. Now suddenly he’s doing this stuff on purpose against Charlotte. Confusing
  3. Why did Charlotte snap at him last week? I get that he messed up the match, but the level of anger in her seemed so out of no where and the fact that Charlotte seems to have acting issues whenever her dad is involved in things just makes things weird. Confusing
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Do the writers like splitting up families in kayfabe? If you’re married, they’ll split you up, if your related, they’ll have you fighting each other…can’t anyone maintain an actual healthy relationship in the WWE writers room?

The biggest issue to me is Lacey Evans - she’s been on the main roster for two years and still can’t wrestle, can’t act and has a crappy character.

That match on Monday was one of the worst I’ve ever seen Charlotte have.

Why does she keep getting opportunities?

You want a different response besides “She was in the US military” I suppose.