Ric Flair passed out twice during ‘Last Match’ due to dehydration

Originally published at Ric Flair passed out twice during ‘Last Match’ due to dehydration

Ric Flair has revealed that he passed out twice during his ‘Last Match’ due to dehydration.

Speaking to Conrad Thompson for the ‘To Be The Man’ podcast, Flair blamed his weight management regime during training for the match, which took place on Sunday, July 31st.

The 73-year-old said (Transcription courtesy of F4Wonline):

I don’t think people realize that I passed out twice. What happened was, my regimentation for training was so strict that I kept my weight on. I wanted my perfect weight to be like 220lbs going in.

So, the last day and a half, aside from all the work that we had planned for me to do, I didn’t hydrate cause I had it in my mind that I had to weigh 219lbs. So anyway, I went to the ring at about 217lbs. What happened during the body of the match, I just became dehydrated.

The match was a tag with son-in-law Andrade El Idolo vs. Jeff Jarrett and Jay Lethal. He noted that at one point during the match while he stood on the apron, Andrade told him that it was his turn to tag in. Flair claimed that he did not know what point the match had reached, adding: “I had missed about, clearly like 10 seconds of it.”

Turning to the second point when he passed out, Flair said that it happened after the planned missed guitar shot when Jarrett went to hit Flair but accidentally struck Jay Lethal instead. He said:

Then along came the guitar, right down bingo, don’t know. While I was down, I passed out again. I just passed out. Manny is going, ‘Sir, you have to wake up, I have the brass knuckles, sir, you have to wake up.’ So then I woke up, I knew where we were right, boom, and we’re home. I swear to God, twice during the match, I went completely black.

Flair claimed that, after the match, he was all set to drink six beers but The Undertaker intervened and made him drink Gatorade.

Later in the podcast, he also claimed that his pacemaker had been fitted not because of a cardiac event but because of an exceptionally low resting heart rate of 38 beats per minute from “years of cardio and all the one-hour broadways.”

He can’t seriously be this stupid can he?

I mean between him, Kurt angle, and Kane I don’t know who the dumbest is anymore ? CTE must be a real thing huh

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Just the idea of not drinking water for a day before something strenuous like this sounds terrible. Weighing in for an MMA event I guess is a necessary evil. But if his target weight is 220, why is he trying to cut it down further under that? Especially when it’s not MMA and it’s his own pro wrestling event, surely the idea of that “ideal weight” should be for the benefit of his health rather than trying to meet some arbitrary number and he could just make it whatever he wants? Seems like a recipe for disaster that surely a trainer or someone around him should have caught and talked him out of.

Please forgive my ignorance @Alex_Patel I know Kane has been on the crazy train lately and that Flair is pretty much the ticket taker on that train, but what has Kurt Angle said or done recently? I must have missed that unless you’re just referring to his general history of pushing his body to silly limits. Has he been straying a bit far from his lane of expertise too a la Kane?

No nothing as bad as Kane (who is worse bc he knows what he’s saying is dumb but just wants votes) but was calling Vince the Achilles Heel of WWE because without him they would be nothing (the analogy makes no sense)


Ah yes, I remember now. My God what an insane place the world has become. I’ll bet he’s had a lot to say about Roe v Wade too. I miss the days where the extent of Kane’s political contributions to society were punting a fake baby into the crowd.

Now the guy who forced Lita to marry him on tv is the Mayor, the jolly racist from have I got news for you got to be PM of the UK and the sadistic guy who faced yuppies off against each other got to be president. Ever wonder what the world would be like if they all just stayed on their respective TV shows?

Lol to be fair I think it makes perfect sense, just not how he intended it to!

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