Ric Flair says Wendy Barlow has COVID-19, Flair denies claim that he has the virus

Originally published at https://www.postwrestling.com/2020/07/20/ric-flair-says-wendy-barlow-has-covid-19-flair-denies-claim-that-he-has-the-virus/

The New York Post ran a story about Ric Flair (71) being spotted without a mask and within that article, it reads that Flair confirmed to the publication that his wife, Wendy Barlow (60) contracted COVID-19 and is currently ill with the virus. Flair informed the New York Post of that information after their photographers spotted him at a Starbucks in Georgia.

A source told the New York Post that Ric Flair has the virus and he tested positive two days prior on Wednesday but Flair denied that claim.

“That is absolutely incorrect. My wife does … we live in a 5,000 square foot home. I live in the basement. She lives upstairs on the third floor and she got sick.”

While attempting to ask more questions about Flair’s Starbucks run, he reportedly hung up the phone and sent a text message that his health is fine.

Over the past several weeks, Ric Flair has consistently been appearing on Monday Night RAW alongside Randy Orton. Flair delivered a low-blow to Christian on the June 15th edition of RAW and as of late, he’s been a spokesperson of sorts for Randy Orton ahead of Orton’s match with The Big Show.

John Pollock and Wai Ting will discuss this story on tonight’s edition of Rewind-A-RAW which can be heard at this link.

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All I can say is I hope Ric and Wendy end up okay. Ric shouldn’t be brought in right now to TV shows that don’t need him. Ric, himself should also be taking personal responsibility to wear a mask.

If I further condemned both parties for this, I’d just be running the story into the ground. I just hope they both turn out alright. I wish America would wake up.

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Such an odd situation. 26.6% of the cases worldwide are in the US. Sure those stats are not exact because some countries don’t test as much, but even with a reasonable margin of error, the numbers speak for themselves, and the US just seems to be in denial. It completely baffles my mind that so many refuse to acknowledge what is going on. And of course, leave it to the US to turn this into a political issue.

I’m not saying things are perfect here, but in Ontario we see Ford (PC) and Trudeau (Liberal) seemingly on the same page. Friends of mine that are liberals are happy with Ford, friends of mine who are conservative praising Trudeau. In the US, its just seems like a line has been drawn. Truly sad.

Where my stats are from:


I did not vote for Ford, and am still unhappy about his budget cuts; but he really stepped up. Peoples lives are more important than politics.


The scariest thing about it, is that what is happening over there, really isn’t shocking at all. It’s almost what I expected to happen and the reaction to be.

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They say that my state (Connecticut) is doing pretty well, but I’m still seeing people get less and less adherent to the rules every day. Hanging out with 4-5 people on Saturday and then a different group of 4-5 people the next day. Even with masks on and staying six feet apart, that’s not really social distancing.

Granted, I think if that was the extent of the rule-bending, we would still be pretty OK, but the selfish “freedom lovers” who won’t wear a mask (unless they’re not allowed into a bar or liquor store, funny how that works) are doing much more than that to hurt the cause.

I mean, without going into a further tangent (to which we’re on the same page on), America’s response is deep-rooted in a history of blissful ignorance in the face of science and compassion. Systematic racism, healthcare being tied to employment, prioritization of religion and liberties over data and science. I mean, it goes on and on.

I’ve been ashamed to be an American most of my life. 2016 really just put the country on center stage. I’ve had the misfortune to temporarily be in the south (for a job I’ve since lost, trying to go back home), and I’m pulled aside and called a communist while walking my dog because I wear a mask. It’s so beyond ridiculous. Tons of good articles on blissful ignorance. Caring for one another shouldn’t be political

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I didn’t vote for him either, and I agree for the most part with the cuts. I am proud to be able to say I am happy with the way he handled this despite him being a conservative and myself being a liberal.

American politics (the only ones I can speak to) are about choosing a team. And when there are only two (major) teams to choose from, the differences very quickly become polar opposites. Politicians know what they need to say to get the support of their “team” to get elected. That’s how seemingly unrelated issues like gun control, abortion and immigration are all somehow linked - because Team A has decided that WE BELIEVE THESE THINGS, so Team B has decided that WE BELIEVE THE OPPOSITE OF THOSE THINGS.

This is all exacerbated by the fact that it’s an election year and we’ve got the most divisive and unpredictable president in our nation’s history. Trump could announce today that he personally developed the cure for Covid-19, and Democrats would find a reason to shit on it. Then Trump could announce that he is personally going door-to-door and taking away everybody guns, and Republicans would find a reason to support it.

It’s frustrating and it’s gross, and it should be driving more people away from their political parties. But we’re all so afraid of “the other side” winning that it’s doing exactly the opposite.


You got this spot on, it’s very unfortunate and a major reason for a lot of issues.

The interesting thing about this statement, exact same thing can be said for some wrestling fans, where just like in politics, it’s a problematic mentality meant to divide.