Ricochet 365

Why is this being produced and what are they possibly going to highlight?

The guy has been damaged immensely this year and has gone from the hottest free agent to a jobber. It will be difficult to spin this positively in anyway

When is it? He’s overrated anyways I think. I never got why people thought he was a future star.

I think it’s coming soon, which is why he was on RAW last night (hadnt been on tv for weeks before).

Are we going to get an in-depth look at his loss to Riddick Moss? Main event highlights? Makes zero sense

Ricochet wakes up early on January 4th pulls up an ipad and watches the man people said he was better then Will Ospreay have the match of a lifetime against Hiromu Takahashi. As the match concludes a single tear comes down Ricochet’s face


The way they’ve wasted his talent is almost criminal. Yeah, he was never the best talker; but giving him stupid catchphrases to jam awkwardly into his promos isn’t gonna make it better. Just let him do what he does best, and build around that. But we all know that won’t happen

I looked at it this way he isn’t a great talker but he is an even worse actor which is what WWE (especially main roster) requires. I’m not sure if he would have been a top star but he would be better off just talking in simple promos/interviews and being a great in ring talent.

Which begs the question, who is signing these guys and why? If they aren’t a good fit for WWE then what is the point?

It seems to be more so making sure Ricochet doesn’t go to the competition rather than having a genuine use or fit for him.

Until he sees the reports of Will Ospreay on Twitter and the weather internet and then he smiles to himself thinking “thank god I am not him”.

I think Hunter Signs then for NXT. Where he did fit well. But if you look at NXT as developmental only then most guys there make no sense.

That’s hardly breaking news! How do you think they ended up with such a huge roster, 85% of which will never be more than jobbers/lower to lower mid-card performers. I can’t understand why shareholders haven’t been questioning the company’s operating expenditure for years given the derisory dividend WWE pays.

And it’s not like that 85% would make a blind bit of difference if the competition signed them. I mean, who will be tuning into Impact because they have signed Anderson and Gallows yet they thought they were worth $500K a piece (for three months or however many months it was)?

Just saw your comment on the Impact signing them news story. :laughing:

That’s it they’d rather pay them and have them do nothing instead of blowing up somewhere else.

Who is going to blow up anywhere? There is a reason the wrestling tv audience continues to decline and it is not all to do with a change in how people consume it (WWE’s demographics support that). It’s because virtually nobody has star qualities and promotions write rather than book and what they write is utter garbage and not in the least bit compelling.

Having Bullet Club shirts sold at Hot Topic is blowing up. Jericho showing up on the best sports show TNT Inside the NBA for AEW is significant. Creating NXT UK to slow down the European wrestling scene, trying to create NXT Japan to slow down New Japan and on and on


No it’s not. AEW just did their lowest ever rating and Jericho was in their lowest ever quarter hour.

I see what you’re all about. Cool man :+1::+1:

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If you mean that I’m all about facts, then yes, you see what I’m all about. :+1:t2:

This will be an interesting 365. Usually they do these with top guys who are going through some type of major push or overcoming a challenge. Ricochet has had a pretty bad year booking wise, and I’m curious if this doc will convey that to the viewer, or if its going to attempt to make this past year look like a success.

It’s WWE. I’m pretty certain what the answer to that question is.

Look, any WWE doc is going to have WWE bias and is going to censor to a degree what they show. I’m not expecting them to highlight bad booking, but I wonder if they will show frustration on Ricochet’s part similar to what they did on the Kevin Owens 365.

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