Ricochet 365

We might have a tour of the cafeteria.

They made him look like the biggest loser in the world, the fan who’s just happy to be there. So before the Brock match they show his tweet where people say Brock will kill him and he says “I’m not supposed to be here” and after the match he says “This is the dream” OK I understand 14 years old Trevor Mann didn’t think he’d be there but Ricochet is a fully developed wrestler tearing it down around the world. I wasn’t a fan of the framing of HBK where he’s this Yoda figure, Ricochet was great before he got there. Production wise top notch great shit, but for the subject it’s WWE building a babyface the only way they know how We beat Daniel Bryan down and the people loved him so this will work for everyone


Ricochet ALWAYS says that WWE was his dream and now he’s happy no matter what they do to him. I think he doesn’t know how good he can be in the ring. He’s actually downplaying his value and he shouldn’t.

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Just watched it, of course they would completely skip over his Japan run.

Well to fair, I think the idea behind these is to focus on the last year (365 days) of the persons career, its not a career recap. I watched the AJ and Owens 365, and I dont think they really got into their past. Though I could be wrong, that was over a year ago.

He’s definitely misused.



He has the ability to be one of the top guys in the industry, in my opinion. How you take someone with offense, and make them “boring” is really mind boggling

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My guess is WWE doesnt want him in a top spot due to his lack of promo skills.

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Yeah Ricochet should very easily be a top guy by now. He desperately needs out of WWE before much more of his career is wasted jobbing on main event

Is he seriously jobbing on main event? Or are you just making a joke? I’ve never watched, so I truly have no idea lol.

Oh I don’t watch either but he and Cedric lost to Theory and Murphy one week and he also lost to Andrade. He’s spent the other two weeks “feuding” with Shane Thorne.

What’s the point. Just leave

Ya I hear ya, and I don’t disagree with the sentiment.

Sounds like it’s his dream job, and he just enjoys being there. At the end of the day, I’m all for a wrestler doing whatever makes them happy. Every wrestler has different motivations in life and ever wrestler is fulfilled by different things.

From a fan perspective, it is frustrating. If Vince isn’t happy with him, just send him back to NXT.

Yeah I agree, NXT would be great for him. He’s a much better fit there and would draw eyes on a Wednesday.

If they have to just put a mask on him and try to do something similar to his Prince Puma gimmick in Lucha Underground. If you don’t want the guy to talk, don’t book him to talk

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I’m not sure if he can be a top guy or not. But he definitely cannot be one in the WWE. The guy cannot act, which in a world is scripted promos and almost no managers is a necessity. I think we’re he somewhere like AEW or NJPW where promo skills matter less he would be better off. If he stays in WWE then yeah NXT seems a better fit for him as work rate matters more there and his size is less of an issue.

Anyone who thinks he can be a top-guy doesn’t know what a top-guy is. He can’t talk and he isn’t a monster so has no need for a mouthpiece. For those reasons alone, he’ll never be a draw (if the concept of a draw even exists any longer and WWE would allow someone to become a draw if it does).

Almost no one can “draw” any more outside of NJPW no one tells the type of long term story that gets fans invested in a talent. I don’t think he could be Stone Cold or the Rock level. But you can have him in the main event scene if you work around his promo skills. The point stands though that in the WWE environment he certainly won’t be a top guy. He is too small and cannot act. Everyone can talk in some manner or other, but cutting a killer scripted promo is difficult for the best performers.

If you feel Ricochet can’t be a “top guy” because of his weak promos, consider that Brawn is champion and the promos he’s been cutting. It can’t be THAT much of a deal-breaker.

And as for size…Ric Flair was 5’10". I guess he never drew a dime
Edit: actual height, not billed height.

I think it’s more the size than promos. Don’t get me wrong the promos and acting suck but there are tons of other guys who equally suck. Rollins, for example, to me is easily the worst main event actor and promo guy in company history.

Which again begs the question, if you don’t like the way a guy talks or looks - why sign him or even call him up from NXT?

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Rollins looks like freaking Robert Dinero next to Ricochet in the acting department. He isn’t a great actor but Ricochet is terrible.