Ricochet is just another guy

Funny how someone so special has been diminished so quickly.

His pop is gone, he loses all the time and all his flashy moves dont lead to anything.

There has just been no plan with him. He loses clean to guys like Roode and Corbin and you know he’s only in the MITB for a few spots and to lose.

The guy is an incredible athlete but what exactly did he “learn” in NXT? His promo is still weak. It’s just more proof of how useless NXT is. He burned a year there for what? He’s no better or worse than before.

Ricochet shouldn’t be losing every week and really shouldn’t be wrestling every week. Let his moves and matches actually mean something. Make the fans want to see him. They have a billion guys on the roster so why job him out for no reason?

I really believe he could be a main eventer one day, but they’re doing serious damage to him already.

If this is all he’s ever going to be, might as well just put him on 205 Live.

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At the moment, it feels like he’s the new Kofi. And the dangerous bumps he takes - presumably in a losing effort - in the ladder match on Sunday probably aren’t going to change my mind about that.

Still plenty of time for a great career in WWE, of course. But yeah, safe to say that the “big mo” he brought with him from NXT is gone.

i’m not super familiar with his work prior to signing with WWE. The first time i saw him wrestled outside of WWE was that match that everybody was raving about with will osprey it think and i really didn’t get what all the fuss was about. Then i saw him in NXT and same thing, i didn’T get what all the fuss was about and in my head at the time, i thought they would just send him to 205 live as he pretty much fit that division.

The thing with Ricochet is pretty much the fact that his whole career was about pleasing the IWC with his acrobatics and high flying moves which is good but at some point you really need to find your voices and step out of your confort zone which i feel like he hasn’t done that yet. He’s still the same Old Ricochet that was doing high flying moves and rely more on that aspect of his game instead of going all out and finding his voice like so many others like Kofi and daniel bryan and to a extend Finn balor did. They so many wrestlers his size in WWE now that it’S easy to get lost in the shuffle if you don’t stand out and sadly, ricochet isn’t standing out.

Was never on the Ricochet bandwagon to be honest. In the ring he’s a bit too extra, even when compared to everyone on 205. And he manages to have less of a personality than Balor.

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The issue with 6+ hours of TV and programming a week, is that sooner than later, EVERYBODY is “just another guy”.

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Personally, I think he is one of the best wrestlers working today. His talking, not so much. When he was Prince Puma on Lucha Underground, he had Konan as his manager. Brings up the question of why Vince hates managers.

We will have some cool spots in the battle Royale in KSA I’m sure. Probably just a spot guy

LMFAO this is the exact same thread made about literally everyone who isn’t given the sun, moon and stars the first five minutes their on TV…holyfuck don’t you get bored saying the same shit?

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He really was booked perfectly on Lucha Underground.

Look at Nakamura and Asuka.

Like Ricochet they could have been something much bigger but they were booked terribly from the start.

It’s why WWE is tanking in every measurable number. If you think someone is a star book him or her strong until they stop getting reactions.

With those three they were given 50/50 crap from the start and now mean nothing. Such a waste.

Fuck outta here with the Nakamura and Asuak talk…you said on the old forum that their accents and English skills areholding them back.

You been recycling these threads about anyone just so you can do what you all the time…bitch about booking and use the same tired posts…“out of touch” “crazy old man” “50/50 booking” “writers aren’t real fans”…blah blah blah…

And if any of those performers were pushed to the moon…the exact opposite thread is going to happen about Superman booking and their promo skills are sub par…

Ugh you make these threads feel like Groundhog Day

You’re Mr. Groundhog - thinking everything is perfect in WWE until every measurable number tanks.

The things I’m saying about booking isn’t wrong, it’s why this downward slide has continued the last few years. Everyone is treated the same and no one is a star.

Whatever they’re doing now isn’t working obviously. They had easy opportunities to make people like Nakamura, Asuka and now Ricochet mega stars and they failed. Bottom line

And yeah for Nakamura and Asuka their verbal skills held them back. So how does WWE fix this? Forcing them to be like everyone else and doing the lame ass scripted promos like everyone else. They don’t hide weakness, dont hire a manager, dont use subtitles nothing.

Same with Ricochet. If his verbal skills arent good enough, why was he called up? What did he learn or how did he improve in NXT? If he still cant talk, dont book him to talk.

The star making system is beyond broken in WWE and those three are proof

I’m not going to argue about Asuka and Nakamura with you…we did that years ago already.

Stay stuck I. Your time loop where nielsen ratings still matter as much as they did in 1999 and not knowing that across the board those are down everywhere not named Game of Thrones.

Every measurable metric says that.

But the sky is falling the sky is falling…let me be the expert here and tell you what they’re doing wrong even if they are making money hand over fist and look to have no ceiling in that aspect even with the valleys they get when so called experts come out the woodworks to claim why…and then they disappear when the peaks come.

If I was the head of Fox, I would be VERY alarmed by this downward trend.
Anyways, if Ricochet wasn’t brought up to be a main event guy, why was Vinny mac in such a hurry to bring him up? Do we need anymore mid level guys?

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Exactly my point. They have a billion guys under contract, but seemingly the same people are wrestling each other on RAW every week (even with the WILDCARD). Makes zero sense.

Awesome. Thanks for contributing.


Yeah i looked at them, Asuka was booked very strong coming in and so did nakamura and for some reason fans didn’t connect with them especially nakamura as asuka is still pretty popular.

Again how, Asuka when undeafeated for over a year before losing to charlotte at mania and was at the top of the division under charlotte after she got moved to smackdown. Nakamura got booked in a main level spot for over a year and fans couldn’t cares less because it was the same damn match that he always did. He was going through the motion in NXT and continue that trend on the main roster. Don’t blame creative for nakamura not beeing more over then he is, blame the performer for not doing whatever it takes to connect with the audience. And Ricochet is getting booked strong as well, he’s in the main event picture on Raw right now, only lost 2 matches since being called up. the difference is that he doesn’t have a personality and that’s why he blending in so much. He’s the tyson kidd of 2019.

Yet the sell out arenas for PPV and tv tapings all around the world. Sure the ratings are down but so is ratings for every major league sports in the country. Fans don’t want to watch live sports on tv anymore that’s the problem. You could have the most interesting show in the world and you still have the type of ratings that WWE has right now. Actaully you could put the NXT product on network tv and ratings would be the same as a raw or smackdown even maybe lower.

wrestling isn’t what it used to be. It’s more about the experience of being live to the event now then about watching it.

Attendance is down. Way down.
And the television networks aren’t paying them for live show attendance, anyway.

yeah for Live events not tv tapings. From the numbers i saw, Raw is able to move around 20 to 30 thousand tickets per tv tapings depending on the capacity of the arena they are too. I went to the raw tapings in montreal and they almost sold out the bell centre which the capacity of around 25 000. You look at the set up for raw and every week the arena is full up to the nose bleed section, so for tv tapings they do pretty well as is for PPV. It’s the live events they need to focus on finding ways to get fans into paying for a non televised event. Fans will always be attracted to show up to tv tapings because it’s a live televised event and they can be the star of the show.

I’ll just do what others did to some of us who asked critical questions if AEW…don’t be blind haters. :rofl: