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We almost closed the forum down when you didn’t post for two days.

Brain was was actually the textbook example of how to get a guy over. Play to his strengths (2 minute job squashes), make him stand out (pushing down a backstage rig/attempted homocide), and never losing.

I think he’s the victim of injuries and not pulling the trigger all the way with the title. He hasn’t been the same since losing that fatal 4-way and then to Brock in 60 seconds.

Hey guys Asuka is in a tag team called the Kabuki Warriors so she’s fine. Awesome usage

He’s been on the main roster for over three months. Zero character development, very few promos, pointless losses and just a handful of highspots.

All that’s going to happen in a few weeks is he’ll lose at MITB, and maybe trade wins with somebody. He’s screwed.

Why is the show three hours? Why do they talk like no one on Earth has ever spoken? Why do the commentators sound like fucking morons?

Does this even happen anymore? WWE has run a lot of those people off, hell they’ve run most fans off. Just look at all the numbers. But hey they’re still big in Saudi Arabia.

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Wrestling fans seem to have the shortest memories. A lot of people praised the tag team run - the were constantly booked strong. The only loss they had was Mania where they didn’t take the pin.

I agree that losing to Corbin and Roode was dumb, but again, that’s two losses total. His singles run has been 5 weeks.

Braun started his career as hillbilly Jim in the Wyatt family. I’ll give it til at least Summerslam before the sky starts falling.

They lost 3 times not once. They lost to the revival for the Raw belts on the Raw before mania, lost to the War (Viking) Raiders on takeover, and lost at mania. It was 3 losses In 7 days (with a win in SD in an 8 Man with the USO’s)then they were split up in the shake up.

I’m not going to write him off by any means but in singles matches since the shakeup he is 1-2. Splitting his matches with Roode who has been booked weak as of late. I am not horribly upset by the Corbin loss as he is booked as a top heel at least. Overall on the main roster in singles competition he is 3-2. This is my point about lacking enhancement talent for him to start out winning against, which the tag matches were ok for but not great, he really should not be facing top guys yet or be in MITB. He should be getting built up to a challenge for the IS title. Beating lower tier guys, and the bottom of the mid card, avoiding guys like Lashley, Corbin, McIntyre, unless in a team with an established star. Ali has largely had the same issues, he became a guy who showed up with some top performances, but has now fallen into a second tier where I don’t buy him winning, I mean he is worse of with only 1 singles victory on the main roster. Largely because he is constantly in with the top guys, putting on solid matches but losing clean.

Not only that but Black and Ricochet were never given a reason why they teamed together (other than they were both on NXT), and then were never given a send-off - they just lost a bunch of times and split up after the shake-up.

Zero explanation, zero reaction and nothing to build off of.

As a team they were booked ok, but lost every big match. Now that he’s a single he is 50/50. Like why call the guy up if he’s just going to be slotted right in the middle? They have a billion guys that can fit into that slot.


To me having him start in the mid card isn’t the issue, the issue is that the mid card largely feels unimportant because we don’t see anything below the mid card (unless you watch main event maybe), there is no way to build up to contending for midcard titles, and from their making the jump to main event level. Mid level guys aren’t protected at all, they lose all the time, never string wins together etc. just look at the current US champ. Samoa Joe has a horrible win loss record. He gets portrayed like a dominant force in some matches, but frequently loses so he doesn’t really read as the top of the midcard guys.

The highlights below…

*Please note - I’m not saying this is all true… but it all comes across as pretty believable.

The actual podcast cited…


This actually makes me feel kind of bad for Vince. He feels like someone that just isn’t as creative as he used to be, he probably hears all this complaining backstage, he’s getting older and he’s just struggling to hold on, because he knows he doesn’t have much time left doing this.

Had to look up the raw loss. It was by count out after the heels cheated.

And if you think that Takeover loss hurt them in any way whatsoever ever, you’re just trying to take anything you can and spin it into a negative. They had a fantastic match where they were left to a standing ovation at the end.

The takeover loss by itself did not hurt them, the 3 losses essentially in a row did. Why build them into the title picture for 3 titles only to lose all 3? Only to have 2 the teams that beat them turn around an lose their next match anyway? Like just leave them out of the main Raw title picture and have that be Ryder/Hawkins and the Revival.

I also was not a huge fan of the NXT match being a send off for Black and Ricochet, only to then have the War Raiders called up with titles still intact etc.

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And even then not a huge deal, but then they broke them up…so why do it at all? Just to put on good matches?

Did the three losses REALLY hurt though? They were featured on both RAW and Smackdown for 2-3 months winning every single match clean. That doesn’t get completely erased by a count out loss and losing on a Takeover.

As for “what’s the point?” You’re totally right. WWE starts and drops pushes and angles on a weekly basis. You could ask that about a dozen things.

I love it how Ricochet and Black cant win the tag titles but Ryder and Hawkins do.

And then the War Viking Raiders Experience squash Ryder and Hawkins in like 2 minutes on RAW.

None of it makes any sense

I think this back and forth between you exemplifies the problem as a whole.

Nothing matters. Everything is just to fill time. Everybody is just another guy.

Literally no one has said those lmao.

There’s videos on YouTube that explain the question shit Max Landis has a video on Cena on that very subject.

[quote=“TheBenjamin, post:45, topic:5663”]
Does this even happen anymore? WWE has run a lot of those people off, hell they’ve run most fans off. Just look at all the numbers. But hey they’re still big in Saudi Arabia.
[/quote]I call that an improvement.

Rebuild the fanbase and purge the losers who are skin to the incels who ruin other entertainment properties with hardcore fans.

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I never said you couldn’t say it about others. That is actually my whole point. But they also did not win for 2-3 months. If we look only at the main roster they teamed up on 2/25. Their last tag match was 4/8 (in larger teams one more week on 4/15). So that run was just over 1 month at 6 weeks. During that run they were 6-4 as a tag team (not counting matches that were 6 man or 8 man tags). Many losses were not clean or they did not eat the pin in multi team matches.

But largely you are right that it isn’t unique to them, it is a systemic problem with a lot of their talent, which I said for me stems from them not protecting their talent by having enhancement matches.

Fuck man, you clearly pay way way way more attention than I do. I just remember thinking how great it was they were featured on both brands and winning on a regular basis. I take the positives when I can.

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