Riddick Moss shares his favorite moment from playing 'Madcap Moss' character in WWE

Originally published at Riddick Moss shares his favorite moment from playing 'Madcap Moss' character in WWE

He said it’s his favorite thing he’s ever done. 

There were a handful of talents that were released from WWE in September 2023 and one of those names was Mike Rallis a.k.a. Riddick Moss. He had been with the company since 2014. 

After being sidelined with a torn ACL, Rallis returned to television as a part of SmackDown and would go on to be known as ‘Madcap Moss’ in his on-screen pairing with Baron Corbin. That was a period of his career that Rallis recounted as he was doing a virtual signing with Captain’s Corner

His favorite moment from that stretch was dressing up as Drew McIntyre and doing a Scottish accent. 

A funny story in and of itself, maybe the favorite thing that I ever did as Madcap (Moss) was when (Baron) Corbin and I ‘injured’ Drew McIntyre and put him on the shelf for a month or so. The next week, I came out dressed as Drew. So I had been wearing the button-down shirt and the suspenders but for this one, I had to wear the kilt and I went shirtless to pretend to be Drew and make fun of Drew and I got to do the Scottish accent on TV which was like my favorite thing I’ve ever done.

He looked back at his main roster call-up. He feels he was brought to the main roster because there was nothing for him creatively in NXT. 

So, the first time I got called up, it was like very little direction and it was all just — it kind of happened to where long story short, I kind of just got called up because they didn’t have anything for me in NXT, and when I went up, that first day, I had no idea what I was doing and they were kind of just like, ‘Oh, you’re gonna be with Mojo’ and then it was like I was his bodyguard but then, a week later, two weeks later I turned on him and then we did this really fun shoot in a toy factor, a Funko toy factory and I had basically no direction for what my character was. So I kind of just decided to be, you know, an arrogant 24/7 Champion and kind of just started saying some of the stuff I would say in promo class as Riddick Moss and it was really fun and I felt like I was building some momentum. Then COVID hit and that kind of put a stop to everything for a while and then I came back as Raw Underground Riddick Moss which was also super fun. Totally different than what I was doing before and then, right as that was kind of taking off, I tore my ACL…

Rallis began his in-ring career with WWE in 2014 and has never wrestled outside of the company. He is currently a free agent. Rallis got engaged to Tenille Dashwood in the summer of 2023.

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