Riho is not the 9yo Omega Wrestled

I keep here people say the she is the same little girl on different pod casts. Why does this miss information keep getting put out? It took less then 5 mins for me to find this out and I suck at internet research.


Also they say Riho has been wrestling for 13 years and stared at 9. That makes her 22. Kenny wrestled the 9yo in 2011. That would make her 17, so the numbers didn’t add up.


Also, the Ultimate Warrior at WrestleMania 8 was Kerry von Erich.

Kenny also answered that same question on BTE a while back so agree it’s baffling why it’s still doing the rounds

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I only heard Cornette joking about it on his podcast but wrestling fans at times don’t understand what jokes are or what context is. Could have been that.

Was a mistake to make her champion though. Doing the ending of the “valiant babyface vs. monster heel” story on the first show. AEW blew their load. Now they have nothing for their women’s champion.

That is less the issue then the fact that they aren’t developing their women, and are routinely sticking them all in one match, these mash up tags aren’t getting anyone over.

They really don’t have a great women’s division. Not much depth and really not a single standout wrestler. Rhio isn’t very good compared to Sane or Asuka. Britt is likely the closest to a star they have but even she isn’t Becky or Charlotte level.

The women’s division is hard bc WWE has so many of the top women. They just misuse use them so maybe one day they can bounce over to AEW

True the battle Royals was very misleading in this way. If you actually look at their roster page they only have 11 Women on the roster. Their working relationship with the Joshi talent hides this some but it doesn’t make for good feuds if it isn’t your talent.

I like anime and RIHO

Honestly, I’d say that Allie is who they should center the Women’s division around. I’d use a nice feud with Awesome Kong to book Allie as their top babyface in that division.

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