Ring of Honor launching podcast, Marty Scurll to be the first guest

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Ring of Honor is set to launch their official podcast next Monday entitled “ROHStrong”. The podcast will be hosted by ROHWrestling.com writer/editor Kevin Eck and the first guest on the show is co-booker of the company, Marty Scurll.

It’s noted in the article on Ring of Honor’s official website that in the first episode, Scurll opens up about his vision for the company, how close he was to signing elsewhere before deciding to stay with ROH and the challenge of being in a important role behind the scenes on top of being an active in-ring performer. Below is the official presser about the news:

“The premiere episode of the ROHStrong podcast, the official podcast of Ring of Honor Wrestling, drops this Monday and features “The Villain” Marty Scurll as the guest.

Hosted by veteran pro wrestling journalist Kevin Eck, the ROHStrong podcast will pull back the curtain for in-depth conversations with ROH stars and others about ROH and a variety of topics. Fans can expect the podcast to be both revealing and entertaining.

In Episode 1, Scurll opens up about his role behind the scenes in ROH and his vision for the company, how close he was to signing with another promotion and why he decided to stay with ROH, the challenge of being in a management position while still performing as a top in-ring talent, and more.

The podcast is part of the #ROHStrong initiative, which strives to connect ROH talent and fans during these challenging times and spread the message that our unity will strengthen our resolve.

Click here to listen to Episode 1 on Monday and keep it locked onto ROHWrestling.com and ROH’s social media channels for information regarding future episodes.”

During an interview with the ‘Behind The Gorilla’ podcast earlier this year, Scurll stated that one of his main goals in his new position in ROH is to bring companies together to bring the best overall product to the fans. Instead of going head-to-head, Scurll was of the mindset of, “Why not work together?”

“Well yeah, that’s one of the things that I wanted to do for Ring of Honor was help build these relationships with other companies that… in professional wrestling now where there’s a lot of big companies and it seems like they’re all competing with each other, it’s kind of like, ‘Well, why can’t we work together?’ If you got two great companies, rather than go head-to-head, let’s work together and at the end of the day, that’s gonna be the best business for everyone but most importantly the fans. I see it all the time that fans are so interested in cross-promotional stuff like, ‘Ah, it’d be a dream match if this guy from Ring of Honor could face this guy from NWA’ or whatever it may be. If that’s what the fans want, then let’s give it to them. Why not? I’ve got many friends in the business. ‘Okay guys, let’s work together’ and I think that’s my aim in professional wrestling right now is helping these companies work together so the fans can get the absolute best product they deserve.”


Ring of Honor now joins New Japan Pro-Wrestling, All Elite Wrestling and WWE with their respective company podcast.

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