Ring of Honor & New Japan to run Madison Square Garden WrestleMania Weekend

Originally published at https://www.postwrestling.com/2018/07/12/ring-of-honor-has-announced-a-joint-show-with-new-japan-pro-wrestling-at-madison-square-garden/

In a big turn of events, Ring of Honor has announced a joint show with New Japan Pro Wrestling at Madison Square Garden over WrestleMania weekend next year.

The news was announced Thursday with the show being billed as “G1 Supercard” and will be presented by the two promotions. They have announced Kazuchika Okada, Hiroshi Tanahashi, Tetsuya Naito and all the top Ring of Honor talent for the show.


Ring of Honor had planned to run Madison Square Garden with the news made public by Chris Ripley, the CEO of the Sinclair Broadcast Group, during an interview with the Baltimore Business Journal last month. Shortly after that interview, a statement was made by Ring of Honor COO Joe Koff to PWinsider.com that they were not running the venue and stated it was a result of The Garden being contacted by the WWE. Koff suggested at the time there could have been legal action taken.

Now that Ring of Honor and New Japan have secured a date at The Garden, it will result in a head-to-head battle with the WWE, who will be running TakeOver that same night from the Barclays Center in Brooklyn.


This is literally down the block from where I live and could not be more excited!!! Whoooohooooooooo


Also interesting - no Omega or Bucks in the promotional video


A win for the little guy (jk). WWE couldn’t have put the damn hof in msg to avoid this pr nightmare? Huge oversight by wwe. Great job for President Harold of NJPW. Yay!

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Where it reads “They make history.” There is a picture of the Bucks in the upper left.


Good catch @CorSec99 . My bad. Thx!

I can’t imagine them booking this without fully knowing where they are going with everyone, and that includes knowing who is available. For New Japan to stamp its name on it I’d be shocked if they lose their big US horses now.

I honestly am getting giddy and the possibility of Kenny Omega and Kazuchika Okada in Madison Square Garden. That’s epic. That is where you have the 5th installment.

I’d be curious if some deal was worked out with WWE to give a green light to The Garden. Something involving the Elite


I don’t see the appeal in another Omega/Okada match. Obviously they will probably meet again, but to me, the story was the 4 matches and the got better each time. If they never wrestle again, I won’t be disappointed.

To me, the bigger story here is Okada/Naito. I think Naito should take the title at Wrestle Kingdom. Do Naito defending against Okada at MSG and Naito beats him. Okada wins the G1 next year and they build to the Okada/Naito rematch, with Okada saying Naito has never beat him at the Tokyo Dome.

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I doubt this has anything to do with WWE and the Elite. I think your giving them wayyyy to much credit.

I think this has more to do with the Sinclair getting involved. MSG may have thought they could cancel a show on a promotion they had probably never heard of without realizing who their parent company was. And with a threat of legal action by Sinclar just decided to run the show. They know WWE will be back eventually. And if the show does well then it could open up the venue to more promotions in the future.

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There is zero chance The McMahon family doesn’t know exactly who Sinclair is and that they own ROH.

I’m just taking a wild speculation because it’s Mania weekend and we’ve seen recent collaboration. It’s just for fun to guess about this stuff. Like hey wouldn’t it be cool if Jericho drops the IC title in MSG and then is at Mania

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Of course McMahon knows RoH is owned by Sinclair and I totally believe the story that WWE tried to stop the show from happening. And that MSG didn’t have a problem cancelling the RoH show on behalf of a long term client.

And if this was another promotion that would be the end of it. But with Sinclair and their legal team able to help RoH, MSG caved to a potential legal fight.

This show is not happening because WWE is trying to do The Elite a favor.


Oh course it would be kool, but as much as I’d like to see it I think we will see Jericho on this show unless he has a major falling out with WWE between now & then.

Also good to see NJPW Expanding more into both the US & UK, hopeful that us Aussies & Kiwis may get another tour soon.

Brother John is a natural at this.

great news. Gives everyone headed to mania something to look forward to besides the killer NXT show always happens. Also after a couple of great shows, the crowd will be ready to beach ball and wave all over WM.

At the start of this morning’s G1 press conference, before the 20 wrestlers were introduced, Harold Meij announced the super-show at MSG, using well-studied Japanese. Anyway, he seemed quite proud. I wonder if he was involved in getting MSG to change their mind.

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That NJPW money probably didn’t hurt. But I agree Sinclair’s legal team and wwe’s arragance and stupidity deserve credit.

I understand the history between WWE and MSG, but you can’t move your major events to competing venues (Barclays and MetLife) and still expect loyalty in return. I obviously don’t know the reality, but appearances suggest that WWE more or less told MSG that it’s too small a venue for them, then got mad when MSG booked a “smaller” event.

I do wonder why they decided to call it the G1 Supercard? I know why this past show was called the G1 special, it was the show just before the G1 started but this show isn’t anywhere near that. I think if you wanted to use a New Japan show name there were plenty of others you could have used. Regardless of that, I like this and I like that more companies are going into these bigger arenas. During many weekend as well I think this will do great business.

I for one am hoping this marks something of a change in booking philosophy for the show. It definitely would be early compared with the current timetable, but maybe they will use it as a chance to release the G1 blocks, or make some kind of G1 related announcements.

I haven’t been that impressed with the War of the Worlds cards that followed the first year so I hope this show marks a bigger presence of NJPW in the presentation - certainly seems to be already with the list of talent coming so far.

Incredibly excited for this, all my envy for the West Coast for getting those G1 Specials has just dissipated and turned to anticipation. It’s seeping into my excitement over the imminent G1 even.

Love the incredible story this makes for too before we even get into the wrestling. There’s a giant, and these two hungry contenders who can’t stand up to it on their own team up to chip away at it.

Have been to all the NXT Takeover Brooklyn’s and just thinking of the sea of Bullet Club and NJPW shirts in audience, plus what seemed to be softer ticket sales at Barclays years 2 and 3, This has got to be ruffling feathers and I do wonder how WWE will try to ensure Takeover’s success. An idea that occurs to my uninformed brain is for WWE to try to offer two show packages letting people buy combined tickets for WM and Takeover at a discount. Think they might go that route?

I just assumed because it’s a very protected and reputable brand of New Japan. Wrestling fans recognize the G1 as a major tournament and stretch of pro wrestling in a year so why not stamp the brand in a show to make it seem important - which it is

I think WWE will be offering every ticket packaging offer you can think of. All week tickets (HoF, NXT, WM, Raw, SD, Access, etc.), multi-event tickets, single tickets, etc. And I do think with all the wrestling fans in town there will be enough to sell out both buildings.

I am excited to see though what both shows do. Wrestlemania is Wrestlemania. WWE won’t change anything about that show just because there is a show down the street. But I definitely think NXT will pull out all the stops to put on a show that competes for best show of the weekend. And they have the talent to do it.

And the creative forces behind RoH, NJPW and the Bullet Club have their work cut out for them to build on their momentum and hope nobody big gets injured or lured away by WWE money over the next 9 months.